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New Member Needs Info Please!!

BigC Mich

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Apr 29, 2007
I have got some decal mods on my AV but would like to know about other mods fellow AV owners are doing.?


:welcome: again to the club Casey, a lot of club members use www.streamlinedesign.com for the coverup decal on the visors, he has other decals as well. Also offers a club discount of 5%, when you check out put "CAFCNA" (no quotes, all caps) in the discount box.
There are numerous places to get window decals, AVALANCHE for the front, and Avalanche and mountains for the back. ?Gunner Graphics is honest, reliable and quick, you can find them on E-Bay, search "Avalanche Decals" you will find a host of them here, then in your spare time while ogling E-Bay, search "Avalanche" it will blow you away what all is available out there. ?Hope this helps somewhat.

First mod to do would probably be ambers

Some other easy mods include the maglite mod, full time drl's, HID's, and a ton of others!

Here is a good link to a lot of faqs Linky thingy
I warned you BigC about Modding being contagious :D
This is a couple of things I have done.


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Sorry the pictures are messed up!!  It was raining when I took them.


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Looking good!  And I agree with MS03, modding is very contagious  >:D
Hope to see you at a GTG soon!
Hey BigC

I had about the same as you when I signed up a month ago. I have now painted my bowtie and engine cover. I put in amber DRLs. I have FTDRLS (full time driving lights). All on High (all lights low, high, drl, fogs when on high beam). I just ordered some  9 way adjustable Rancho rs9000x shocks and have a Volant intake in my sights. The painting and light mods cost all of $30 or $40. I have a bunch of diodes for the lighting mods if your interested I live in GR but travel back and forth alot to Lake Odessa and Eagle (near Grand Ledge). That should get ya started  :B:
Thanks bjf.  I just got done installing the ambers on my DRL's.
BigC Mich said:
Thanks bjf.  I just got done installing the ambers on my DRL's.


Check this out


I've got the diodes (if ya want em) and it takes all of 4 minutes to do!!!!

and  I just finished my Bowtie


Comes off with 2 self threading screws pretty easy to reach on your back from underneath.

I got some color to match at auto zone in a duplicolor paint (just make sure it has CC after the color so it will mix good with the clear coat)

-I sanded down the stocker with 800 then 1000 grit
-then 3 coats of paint sanding with 1000 then 1500 between each coat.
-45 mins after 3rd coat of paint i put a medium dose of the clear coat and let dry for 3 hours or so (in the hot sun, maybe more if not 75+ degrees out side)
- wet sanded with 1500
- repeat 3 or more times increasing the amount of clear each time just watch out for runs!!!

I glued on a billet bowtie from an S10 but you can leave it or pin stripe it or put a sticker on it and clear over the whole thing.....

I'm also doing my engine cover the same way..... have fun and dont hesitate to ask any Q's

Jeff :B:
Sirshopolot said:
Way to go guys!? (y)

I'm somewhere around 20 mods and didn't even know it, until I stopped and counted.

Tear it up.
Stop and count.... hmmm..... never thought about stopping, nevermind what you do after you stop. Counting, that's a good idea. :wave:
dropzone said:
modding !!! it's the life!! it's a sickness!! it's fun !!! :cool:


Is this what "In sickness and in health" refers to? Just trying to get some clarification  ;)
Well, my wife just kind of shakes her head!!  So, to answer your question, it must be because she is still with me!!
>:D i thought i heard the priest say ,for richer or poorer from doing so many mods,in sickness and in health , until the death of my av parts us !! or something like that. :cool:any way ,yep  that's what it refers to.