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new membership drive idea


Full Member
Jun 1, 2007
Charleston, WV
I don't know if this has already been thrown out, but I was thinking a good way to alert other AV owners about this site and club is to develop a reproduced flier that informed about CAFCNA..
Carry a few copies with you and when you run across another AV parked on a lot, just stuff a flier at the windshield. 
We can use this thread as a list of "where" WE TAGGED A AVALANCHE.
I know that WiseAV used to be the "Tag  King" not sure if he does it much anymore though. The Bubba's even made up business cards to tag with and I really liked that idea. Maybe we should start doing it again. The WV threads really have been quiet lately... maybe this will put some life back into them.

Great suggestion Sinjin! :B:
Scroll down to the bottom of this link:

yo Sinjin made me some fliers but I left them at the house thinking I wouldn't have to use them just to go to wallmart and backdude, I saw like over ten av's and didn't have one flier with me :E:
Thanks for the link to the brochure trifold.
I'll print a master out and make copies to tag with.
I was also thinking of spreading the word at the Chevy dealerships in the region.