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New Option On 2002 Avalanches


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Chevrolet has added a new option on 2002 Chevrolet Avalanches. The option code is BVQ and the cost is $628. The sticker will list two line items, one for $33 and one for $595. The option is for chrome nerf bars instead of the matching gray running boards.

Don't know if the BVQ option is avaiable on 2500, or 1500 2WD...
Hmmmm . . .

That's an option that I would have considered! Not that the grey 'assist steps' look bad, but the chrome does add a touch of class!
The optionfor chrome nerf bars instead of the matching gray running boards. Does anyone know what would look the best? I need to know asap because i want to get them put on nxt week. Also does anyone have any pics? Thanks in advance
I got the GM chrome nerf bars on my AV when I bought it. I didn't like the grey running boards. I think they stuck out too far. I love mine. I have some pictures comming. Maybe around Wednesday. The bars are great. They are attached to the bottom of the body with 4 black braces that come off the bottom of the truck and cup the bottom of the bar without wrapping totally around. The ends of the bar are slightly bent and angled towards the body of the truck. I didn't like some of the aftermarket bars. They seem to look like handles with the 90 degree angles on the front and back. People say that mine look like side pipes for exaust. I'll try to get the pics up on Wednesday.