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New Stealth Winch Bumper


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Feb 15, 2003
Marinette, Wi
NEW! Chevy Avalanche Winch Bumper!

Available in AVATEX texture coating - matches the light grey Avalanche body hardware color and texture very closely. Also available in Black AVATEX, for 2003 Avalanches with dark grey body hardware (not an exact color match).

Available with bullnose (pictured) or brushguard (pics coming soon) Special intro pricing starting at $999.00!!! Call for info or to order!

Note: This model is designed for Avalanches WITH the plastic body cladding, NOT for the models without body cladding.

Note: This model is available with a receiver tube for portable winch mounting!

Pic One

Pic Two
to each his own - I think it looks pretty bad-ass myself, and if I get a secure behind the bumper winch mount (something every other rig I have owned had) it would work for me! Alas, I have already got the GM Guard so I am not likely to chuck that, thinking about it tho . . ..
I know, I shouldn't give such a bold, mostly useless opinions without at least offering a little more detail...

I think the hard lines don't match so well. It looks like something someone fabricated in their home metal shop, although very nicely. I'm not in the market for one of these anyway, so I probably shouldn't even be commenting. I suppose if I actually get my Z71 dirty some day (yeah, I'm a 4WD poser for now) I may get excited about an HD bumper. I'd just like to see one that looks a little more factory. It does look better than that bohemoth one from the other company, though. They all look mean, just kind of funny to me, that's all.

Sorry for coming across so harshly.
Sort-of on this topic, some of you off-roaders are gonna have to give me some newbie tips for gently off-roading with my new Av (my first 4WD). Guess I'll have to go venture into the 4X4 forum!
lol 4x4 is not cool ;) sorry to all you guys who do it no disrespect you you guys or anything but i am and will be a all street guy no matter what always going to have a lowered car wit some big phat rims and no off road for me welll unless its a beater truck then i will :eek: ;D
And how many year until you get a license? ;) ;D

just kidding! Great to have you here and interested. Not sure how you find time to study since you're on here constantly though! :p
I like it! Would like to see the other style with the brush guard. Whats the weight on this one, does it fit a 1500 AV also?