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Newbie About To Buy



Greetings, all, I've been lurking here for about a week, and finally got my username today. I've read most of the threads pertaining to new owners, but I have a few specific questions. I'm in the northeast, MA specifically, and I'm looking at a 03 Z71, msrp 41620. Have a 37500 buy price so far, before rebates. Anyone do much better than this? I'm friendly with the salesman for a while now, and have given him great deals on stuff at my store- I don't really want to hammer him on price, but would like to get a fair deal. He's willing to bring in the exact truck I want from another dealer that he swaps with for an extra 100 fee. Seems reasonable, and he promised that the truck will be driven by "a guy in his 70s who gets paid by the hour". I can't imagine the first 75 miles being put on my new truck by a leadfooted 16 year old...Just wanted to know if this all seems reasonable- Edmunds.com puts their "True Market Value" price on my truck at 39735, but I'm not so sure about Edmunds- any thoughts? Thanks in Advance, Bill
Try the consumer reports pricing guide, I have a friend in the business and he said they are dead accurate. They do cost $12 but every time I've used it I've done well.

Noone expects them for cost, but $1000-1500 is a good profit. Here is the link: PRICE REPORT GUIDE
Check the prices at carsdirect.com. This is an online "best price guarantee" buying site. They guarantee this price of theirs at a dealer near your area.

I used their price to work a deal when I purchased my 2003 and got 5,000 off the sticker before rebates.

I ran a check on a 2003 Z71 loaded out (except the Northface package, DVD and XM radio) and their best price was $35,688.

Check it out! :B:



ME, Mass. Were neighbors ;D

Is your heart set on an '03? I know of a dealership that has about 8 '02's still on the lot. I bet you could get a wicked deal.

Let me know.

Thanks, TPseabird!!! I'm glad for once the saleman hasn't called me back yet.

I also have found a spreadsheet to rearrange the numbers a little to get you a lower price than what carsdirect was offering. Now while carsdirect price isn't bad and will probably be you best shot at haggling with the dealer since they are well known, this spreadsheet also explains every detail of the deal. Just plug in your own numbers. The guy who made it has made it fool proof.


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for cw harper
You posted a xls attachment to this thread. My computer says it needs a user name and password in order to save it to my machine. True? If so can you post that info?
Hi Future

Before you buy, have you heard of the 0% incentives announced today? They may not apply to the truck you're looking at but you might want to check them out.

There shouldn't be a username or password associated with the file. The XLS file is a Microsquish Excel spreadsheet file. I tried it myself and it loaded up. Try clicking on "open file from location" instead of "save" The guy who made said it was freeware.
This is the download site I got it from. It's called the Buyer's offer spreadsheet. There are also other spreadsheets that may interest you there.
I bought my 03 Av 2 weeks ago. ?It had a MSRP of 41201 (then they had $3999 "market adjustment" on the sticker!!!) and my price was $36500 then the $1000 back from GM brought it down to $35500. ?I shopped about 12 dealers through the internet. ?My final price (w/o rebate) was about $500 less than invoice. ?I asked the dealer to match or beat the www.carsdirect.com price and he did, plus I avoided the fees I think that that service charges.

Dang! ?I see the rebate is now at $1500 (if you don't finance) plus $500. ?Missed it by a couple weeks. ?But when that car is in front of you it's tough to wait for better manufacturer deals. ? :2:
You should try to negotiate a price near invoice before
factoring in the rebates.

So maybe you can do better, anyway I hope you have to change your user name soon!!!
Thanks, all, for the insight. Right now, I'm digesting all the info at www.carbuyingtips.com and boy, there's a lot. I think my friend at the dealership has given me a fair price, but I need to be sure. This'll be my first new car, and the thought of 20% depreciation in the first year is terrifying enough, not to mention all the BS fees etc. Gotta make sure I do this right. Please keep the info coming, I can use as much as I can get. Wish I wasn't so hooked on the 03
cladding and steering wheel... :rolleyes:

Here are a couple of additional thoughts to consider:

1) How many AV's are on the dealers lot? If there are alot of them, they should be more willing to work with you. Down here in Maryland, my dealer says AV's have been selling in spurts, they sell for a couple of weeks then they may go upto 10 days before selling another. The get motivated the last week of the month.

2) Check out:


and see if your company is on their list of GM suppliers. If your company is on their list, you can purchase an AV at the GM supplier price listed on the invoice. This price is 4% over the price a regualr GM employee would pay. On my AV's this amounted to around $800 BELOW invoice! This discount is in addition to any other discount or incentive which is out there. Becareful, some dealers will refuse to sell to you at this discounted rate. They are allowed to refuse the sale. Others will sell it but not spend alot of time with you since they aren't making anything on the deal.

3) Remember the dealers actual cost is below the invoice. They get other "hold backs" rebates and incentives. I've had salesmen claim this isn't true. But believe me, it's true (My Uncle owns and operates a dealership in PA and this is true.)

3) a) They recieve money for advertising, which is listed on the invoice.

3) b) They recieve money for "floor planning" which is on the invoice (dealers typically have to pay the interest on the vehicle while it is on the lot, upto the day of sale, this is called floor planning, the amount they recieve is static, so the sooner they sell it, the more they make because the don't incurr as much interest expense as compared to a vehicle which has sat for several months on the lot)

4) When a dealer gets a vehicle from another dealer (called dealer exchanging or DXing) they typically pay the other dealler invoice plus say $100 in your case. The dealer which originally ordered the vehicle KEEPS the AD money and the Floor Planning money. All other things being equal, you should be able to work a better deal on a fresh vehicle on the lot than a DX'd vehicle.

5) Most all dealerships get additonal money or incentives from the manufactures if they attain certain sales goals for the month. This causes them to put their salespeople into a program which give them incentives to sell certain levels of vehicles. These usually end at the end of the calendar month. I have dealt with the same salesman for several years and vehicles and he is always willing to cut a low margin deal at the end of the month just to get another tick by his name on the sales tracking chart.

Personally, my last purchase was at the GM Supplier Discount rate which was around $800 under invoice, then there was a Dealer cash back of $500 and 3.9% for 5 years financing. With Tax, Title, Tags, 100k Extended warranty, 0 deductible, everything was still more than $2500 less than MSRP before my down payment.

My buddy bought an 02 this summer with the GM Supplier discount and took the $2500 cash back incentive instead of 0% since he was paying with cash and he ended up almost $3500 under invoice - this was when they were seling well in our area and the dealers were less apt to deal.

I know this is alot to digest but I hope it helps you in you quest for the right AV.