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Newbie Says Hello !


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Aug 18, 2002
Dallas and S. Colo.
Welcome to the club, glad your here. Check, if you have money now, you wont have it in a week or two ;D
you can get the amber drls @ autozone or any auto parts store. looke up "amber drl" in search for the bulb number.

~aka zreeves
1. At the store.

2. You're luckier than I...I had to ask what a DRL was.

3. Welcome aboard, kimosabe.
Real quick....the part numbers on the drl's are 3157/4157...... :B:
.... I dont have any mods at all yet, where do I get the Amber DRLs?

Ya! i can remember saying "how much can a couple of bulbs cost"Mod bug! Not me!Thats was a month ago, now the kids allowance has been cut in half to support the mod bug and the dog needed to go on a diet anyway!Today I get to go order my FIPK! ;D I'm sure the kids are going to love it...hehe!Oh wait! this is supose to be a welcome post! ;)

Welcome MXRacer! The next best thing to driving your Av is hanging out here dreaming of your next mod. ;)But your just going to get drl's right! ;D
From one Newbie to another, "Welcome Aboard!"
Welcome MXRacer...heed all the warnings about the MOD bug...then throw caution to the wind ;D
Welcome to the club! ;D (y)

If you wouldn't mind, could you newbies please add your location to your sig? It can be very general, just a state is fine, it's just nice to know where people are from, and is helpful when planning GTGs!
Thanx for the warm welcome everyone..... Im sure this site is going to be alot of fun and very helpful. Im gonna try to keep the Mod bug tucked away for a while, we will see how long that lasts though. And yes chevyavalanche I do have a bike.....02 Honda CR 250... and I love it almost as much as my AV ! :love:
Welcome to the club! :love: :B:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?It's cool that we have some MXers in this forum. If your a regular on www.motocross.com CHAT site my USER name is RADTAD. I also race MX and SX in Australia, you may know of Chad Reed from Australia (I raced him in my State) who is doing awesome in the States.
Anyway nice to meet ya, do you race at all?? What district?? KEEP IT PINNED !! :B:
Hey Radtad hows it going...... If your linin up up with Chad Reed then your goin pretty fast man .......thats very cool ! Im in the Vet intermediate class now..... wishing I was still racin novice though !!!!! lol Those guys are fast in intermediate. :eek:. Anyway nice to meet you bro. Are you still racing? Let me know how your racin is going.......... I distinctly remember saying I was going to keep the mod bug tucked away for a while, but somehow I ended up with an appointment in the morning at Exhaust Specialists for a Flowmaster set up ! So much for will power ;)
.......... I distinctly remember saying I was going to keep the mod bug ?tucked away for a while, but somehow I ended up with an appointment in the morning at Exhaust Specialists for a Flowmaster set up ! So much for will power ?;)

Yes I do believe you have been bitten by the MOD bug!The fastest growing virus on the net! Funny how something you catch on the net can drain your wallet!Enjoy the Flomaster! ;D ;D

btw...What tip are you getting?You are getting a tip right? ;) Don't forget to post pictures.. :)
Hey NatsCan Hows it going........ Actually Im doing something a little different, I like to hide the exhaust tip up under the bodywork behind the right rear wheel. After the muffler it will go up over the frame and curve slowly downward untill pointing almost straight down. So I really dont need a tip. I like hearing it, but not seeing anything. I will take some pics tommorow after its done.
Welcome MXracer!

Yeah, it starts with a few $ for the amber drl's, then next thing ya know it's headers, woofers, HP3's, spoilers, all sorts of billet stuff and on & on...
Welcome MXRacer. This is a great place for ideas and advice. Between reading and modding this site should keep you busy!
Well I got my Flowmaster DF 40 on sat. morning.... I went with a complete catback system. They even opened up my flange from 2 7/8'' to 3''. To keep it a true 3'' all the way. I did end up going with an exposed tip behind the passenger tire. I was considering hiding it up behind the cladding. but my installer convinced me otherwise. It sounds just right, nice and deep tone. It really does bark when you get on it. But not to loud at all in my opinion. Then today I went and orderd the K&N FIPK .... ;D..... You guys were so right about this *&^# becomming addictive !!!! I gotta slow down now for a while though
WARNING: This club is addictive! I just started posting one and a half weeks ago and i'm already nearing Bar Fly! YIKES!

Welcome to the club! (y)
Oh come on live up to your name Racer - full speed ahead. Your on a roll dont stop now - if you stop and think about it you will get this strange feeling in your stomach. Congrats on the Flowmaster got one myself also from cat back - single out by tire also sound is great and I can feel the power increase ;) . I got my sportwing due in on wed. or thurs. and am gonna order a fipk next week. Be sure and check out everyones pics to get ideas. As so many say MOD ON.