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Nifty Stocking Stuffer For $15.00


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Aug 7, 2002
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While picking up some necessities at the local discount club (Costco) I found this item. It's a 2-in-1 device, with a 0-to-150 psi tire gauge (with a digital LED readout) at one end and a narrow-to-wide beam flashlight at the other. The tire gauge end also has a pushbutton that illuminates another red LED that shines past the stem opening to see the tire valve in dim light. The packaging states that it has an easy to read back-lit LCD, but I think it's actually LED's with a red filter, like the early calculators. It turns on when it senses pressure and the display remains for a few seconds, then zeroes itself and shuts off. The flashlight end uses a bulb similar to the mini Maglite (the device is powered by 2 AAA cells, which are included) and can be adjusted for pencil or wide beam illumination. :0:

The unit is die cast metal with a knurled handle, and comes with a storage pouch and instructions. It's 8" long and weighs 5.7 oz ready to go. The batteries are inserted into a receiver mounted in the tube behind a small flapper door. While it doesn't state that the device is waterproof, the adjusting collar and the flashlight body end both have o-ring seals. ;D

I didn't think I'd need this, but just for the giggles I tried it out on the Av and found that my tire pressure went from a high of 30.5 psi in the right front to a low of 22.0 psi in the right rear! :7: Without stepping on the tire inflation thread, this really justifies the cost. I'm not trusting anyone else but me to check my tires ever again!

The packaging calls this the"Accutire Digital Tire Gauge/Flashlight" and on the back it has "Model MS-4505 - Item# 487947"

Keep the Maglite in the storage compartment and this in the console and you're set.

(No this isn't a paid endorsement, I just think it's a cool and useful tool)



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