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Jul 14, 2002
Ok, need serious advice here. ?I let one my relatives drive my AV...big mistake. ?As she was accelerating at on to the highway, the engine was winding out a little high on the RPM's at 60 mph, so I told her to up shift into 4th from third. ?I guess her hand slipped from nervousness and then BAMMM!! ?The tranny shifted from third right into R.
The back tires locked and screeched before I slammed it back down into 4th. ?After cussing ?:8: and yelling, I took over and drove for about 30 minutes listening...nothing. Now after about 5 days there's a high pitched whing sound that comes and goes from the back. ?Anyone have an answer to what possible damage could have occurred?? ?Other than the rear end whine off and on at certain speeds and RPM's, there isn't much other probs. ?And does anyone else have their 1500/2500 kind of have a mushy shift from 3rd into 4th?? ?

I've got a '02 Av 2500 4X4. ?Any sound advice would be appreciated. ?Mortally maming my relation is not and option.. >:D
I didnt even think it would go in reverse @ that speed I shall repeat vf454 comment......... OUCH
I'm not going to try and prove you right or wrong, but from everything I've understood I don't think it's supposed to go into reverse at that speed even if you shift it into reverse.

Plus, why wasn't it left in Drive and let the AV shift as needed?

That's a trip to the dealership for sure...

She had shifted into 3rd, thinking it was the standard driving mode...I should have checked. By the way is there a reverse safe lock-out in the trans for the 25oo..and if there is can you direct me to where I can find mention of this feature.
We have a 2500 truck at work and are driver did the same thing :rolleyes: And a few days later the rear end went out was not a cheap repair
Don't kill your relative unless you have power of attorney so that you can collect the transmission repair cost from her - OUCH, you probably have toasted it - get it checked quick before it is damaged even more. :C:
My sister accidentally did the same thing in her grand am a couple years back. We were going down the highway around 55mph and she bumped it into reverse somehow. It sounded pretty ugly :6:, but no permanent damage :)

Sounds to me like there is some rear end damage and a trip to the dealer is definitely in order.

Just don't tell them how it happened ;)

Oooooh I cringed as I read that! That had 2 hurt. My Mom has told me that she's 2 nervous to drive my big truck when I've offered....So now...I don't think I'll ever let her. Sorry Mom. :(

-Did the same thing to my parents 1980 Bonneville Diesel back in '84'...........in it the engine died when it hit reverse..............I dropped it in neutral, restarted, and everything seemed O.K. It however, made it to 198,000 miles before he got rid of it, .....and trany was still going.

Scared me to death.

Good Luck...........hope yours turns out O.K.
As a stupid kid; Im much better now; thanks ? >:D

The only way to lay rubber in my dads 63 Nova; 6 cyl was to put the car in neutral, rev the engine slightly, and drop it in drive. ?Once while coasting to a stop, the car went into reverse, ahhhhhhhh. ?Driving home slowly, nothing bad happened. ? ;D

Then, the following week, when my dad taking his father home, stopped at a light and DID NOT MOVE. ? :eek: Needed a new differential. ?Dad paid me back two years ago when he ran my snowmobile into a tree, and I told him this story. ?Now we are even. ? (y)

You should take yours into the shop to have the rear end looked into, because of the funny noise. ? :C:
Thanks all, ?I really appreciate all the input about the each and ones mechanical quirks after the "NNNOOOO...THAT"S REVERSE!!!" ?Nut grinding but some of it funny. ?Well, I'm off to the dealer Monday...that sound in the Rear is getting louder and ?my tranny seems to hesitate when shifting into 4th while accelerating ?:C:...can't wait till my cousin buys her new Ford F-250.... >:D...suprise, suprise ;D "LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"