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No '03 Z66?!!


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Sep 23, 2002
Pensacola, Florida
I went to the new Avalanche site today and all they say is "Premium off road package" Are they makeing my stickers a collectors Item? I would have thought Z66 would have taken off like Z71 did. Anybody have any info? Goo did say, and the pictures show the early '03s have the Z66 stickers, so why arn't they talking about it on the web site? :6: :B:
The early documentation I received dated June 14 said the Z66 decals were going to be gone for '03. ?That may be why the Chevrolet site does NOT refer to the "On-Road Suspension Package" as Z66. ?The ordering option code for it is STILL Z66. ?The only theory that has been suggested is that they are using up the left over Z66 decals in the early models before getting rid of them as planned.

I will find out if this is still the plan.

I can't understand why they would kill the Z-66 moniker. :C:It seems like a great marketing tool, maybe they are going to make the "premium on road package" the new Avalanche SS in future years. One can hope anyway ;) :B:
For me, the Z66 was the only way to go. I don't do any off road stuff but definitely like the looks of the off road package.

Z66 worked both ways. And from the looks standpoint, the decal and wheels are what made it for me.

Guess Stripeman will be getting some business.

You listening Stripeman??????

Okay - now I'm really confused. Are they just taking away the Z66 decal, or the Z66 model entirely and only offering a non-premium ride package in 2WD?
They are keeping the Z-66 package for '03 except there won't be a sticker on the hind quarters. That's all.

Why in the world would they remove the z-66 loga ??? ???
I know I'd be pissed if they took away my Z-71 logos. Looks to plain without any logos on them.

Well I take that back, an Av could never look plain ;D
They just look beter with logos.
Wow, Our 2002, Z-66 are gonna be collectors items :eek: someday. Mine has lesss than 1K miles, and a month old????
Well time to park it. and keep in show room state for next 20 years.
Guess that means I have to go buy my 2003 :0: SilAverado? with the soccer mom headlight and front clip-
Z-66 for us wanna be off roaders will be missed....
I don't know how I would feel about a debadged Av....I would fight for my stickers all you Z66 folks out there...don't let them erase what you worked so hard for.... ;D :B:
Looks as if the Z66 option should shift to an LT package. :eek:

Will there be a flat black hood and tri-colored stripes like the 2nd generation Camaros? (y)

I like the new 3500 8.1L 4X4 supercharged AV with dual rear wheels and an 8/11 foot bed. >:D

Murman :cool:
I have as many people ask me about Z66 as ask me about "changing for a dollar." I love the decals on mine and glad I have them, especially if they are going away.
Guess I am just the opposite of everyone else it seems. I removed my Z66 stickers last week.

I don't have a 4x4 and it made me think of the Z71's everytime I looked at my truck so off they came :)
Reminds me of an earlier thread:

silversport said:
Does anyone think the Z71, 4X4 or Z66 stickers on the rear quarters look cheesy???
I didn't like 'em at 1st but they grew on me. When I had my passenger rear quarter repaired due to a small ding the service dept put in, they removed the sticker.
I didn't wanna lose my truck for the whole day for the "10 minute" install (someone explain why they need it all day for the 10 minute install???) so I tried to reapply a new one myself.
YEP!!! You guessed it, I wrinkled it then ruined it. I have to order a new sticker but people are telling me to keep it off and remove the one from the drivers side.
I can't tell whether or not I really like it (I think I do) or I am still mad over them having to remove (and me ruining the next one) it from my Av or not.
:8: :eek: :7: :B:

I think they are like a badge with some "essense of Tim Allen" thrown in "Grunt, grunt grunt..." >:D

that oes on for several pages....

Took my red Z66's off my lt pewter. Didn't like the color combo/clash. Driver side doesn't look plain, now that the Amp fuel door is on :cool:. Passenger side; well, it faces the end of the garage ;D. Did add Stripeman's raised letters (highly reccomended) and, of course, a CAFCNA decal in rear window behind driver side! (y)
I like the Z66 stickers.

I will let you all know when my 2003 arrives, if it has a sticker or not.

Trouble is I still don't have a build date, so likely someone else can answer the question sooner.

2003 Z66 owners, where are you?