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No other way??


SM 2004
SM 2003
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Aug 1, 2003
Got an '04 with Bose, XM, On-Star and 6 disc changer.  If I'm reading these threads right, the only way to hook an MP3 player to the head unit is with a very expensive cable?  And it's not even digital, but analog?

If so, where's the cheapest cable available?

Thanks, holla

FM Transmitter would be a cheaper way
I am still researching interfaces. ???In the meantime, I am very pleased with my FM modulator from Monster Cable: iCarPlay 200 ~$99. ???It plugs into 12 volt outlet, has Auto-search function for available FM station, 3 Station Programmable Pre-Set, 3. 3 ft cord, and charges the iPod. ???I have tried cheaper ones, but returned each. ??
Thanks for the opinion on the transmitter.  I'm lookin' for the head unit cable.  Can anyone give me the part number or site to find one.  I've seen from $125.00ish, down to $85.00, but don't know which one would work.

Holla  >:D