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Noise When Shifting From Rev To Drive, What Gives?


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Aug 16, 2002
2002 Z-66 with 640 miles has ever since bringing home giving an intermitent grind/thud almost brakes are stuck sound when backing up and shifting (From a COMPLETE STANDSTILL) from R to Drive.
Any other issue surrounding this similar item with you all? Called Dealer and they said to bring it in at a thousand miles as they want to do a "post sale" check up on the vehicle- Nice touch I think?
Anyways, this sound/issue only happens intermitently- like one out of every 5 or 6 times I back up.

Any info or comments would be appreciated!- Av Power forever..... Ford. I used to drive a Ford- Then I grew up!
Never had this problem...check the post about the tranny and read the first real long one...maybe your tranny is still in the learning mode...

I had this problem. It was in the steering box. Does it happen when you put it in R from D and start to turn your wheel. It is a bad harmonic something or other in the steering box. Take it to them and they should replace no problem. At least they replaced mine. Took about half day to do.
Wikki: Darn stright shooting there! You hit all the items causing that noise.
I am running up to the dealer today to have looked at and will let you know if that is the issue.
This board is great. :B: as it gives such a wealth of info to the average person owning this truck.
I am so impressed with this whole truck, club and everything.
I am still in shock driving down the road and all the looks I get. I took the AV to downtown Cleveland on a business meeting and I got stopped by 20 people in a two block area to ask questions?
Thanks again Wikki...
Just to add another point of view to this topic, get a load of this: My son's 2001 5.3 Tahoe started this at about 12,000 mi. He was told that this is the (band plays a fanfare finishing with a huge tympani roll)....." Typical automatic drive line clunk......" WTF? Seems as though they supposedly all do this ( especially from Park to Reverse ) and there's no fix in the manual or service bulletins. It hasn't affected any other operation of the truck, but I'd be curious if anybody else has experienced this malady.