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Not Sure If This Qualifies As A Mod....


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Apr 25, 2003
Alpharetta, GA
Just got back from having the front and back windows tinted to 15% (mod number one) ?also had BAT2 backup sensors installed (mod number two) ?which is almost all I have time for this weekend since nothing else has arrived via FedEx, UPS or USPS yet.... :mad:

But I got to thinking that working on the truck and doing all of the appearance maintenance stuff HAS to be done outside... don't know about your garage but unless you have an industrial sized shop there just ain't much room in there... so the choice is take it outside, where you have room to work....

BUT all of the directions (and anyone with good sense) say keep the truck cool and out of direct sunlight. ?This is to keep the surfaces cool while you are washing and waxing... question is, how do I do that on a budget? ?I ask it this way because I want to conserve cash for REAL mods to the truck itself... so I started thinking....

And I came up with "Carl's Carwash Canopy"

Here is how it works.... (mind you I just typing the idea right now and am about to head to the store to purchase and build this thing in a few minutes) ?

1) Purchase 4 Home Depot homer buckets. ?
2) Purchase enough builders sand to fill each of the buckets. ?
3) Purchase PVC pipe (not sure about the diameter yet, I am going to try 2 inch) you need at least 4 8 foot sticks
4) Purchase 4 straight joint couplers
5) Purchase 4 caps
6) Purchase a tarp of your choosing (make sure it has grommets
7) Obtain 4 16 penny nails

Cut the sticks to 4 foot lengths.
Fill the buckets with sand.
Push the PVC pipe down into the bucket to the bottom, centered within the bucket. Repeat for all buckets.
Join another 4 foot section to each using the coupler.
Heat a nail read hot, and drive it through the cap from the outside to the inside , point first so that it sticks into and through the cap and leaves the head exposed.
Repeat for all four caps. ?Place the caps on the tops of each PVC pole.

You should now heave four portable, collapsible, and weighted canopy posts. ?Place them in the driveway, stretch the tarp between them... you should now have a carwash canopy.

I will report back with pictures when I finish. ?I can already think of a few things that could be altered or modded... number of poles, diameter of PVC, type of cap, type of tarp, sand versus cement.....

Hope this gives someone really creative a good idea. :0: -Carl

***Note: I ended up using 1.5 inch Schedule 40, comes in 10 foot sticks, hd them cut it right in the store for me.

OK - first mod on the mod... sheetrock screws instead of nails. Really fast and easy to do the caps, self-drilling, self-tapping, no pilot holes needed, and easy to adjust the height. I'll let you know how they work. -Carl

Photo? ???? No Photo. ?:mad:

Photo? ?:( No Photo. ?:7:

Photo? ?:cautious: No Photo. ?:8:

Photo? ?:cry: No Photo. ?:3:

Photo? ?>:D

Good morning! I guess I could show you photos of the buckets knocked over with sand spilled out on the driveway... :7: :7:

Not to worry, when I get back from my golf game, I will be doing some other mods to the canopy... putting plywood tops with a hole in the middle to stablize the pole, and x-shaped cross braces to give the buckets a more stable base...

Of course that will have to wait until I get the new Eaglite Xenon bulb sets installed ;D which just came in the mail yesterday and I found out last night!!
Maybe a bag of cement in each bucket? With the added weight of water it should keep those puppies down. Granted you won't be able to use those buckets for much else, but imagine having four posts for whatever you may need. You could sink in a piece of pipe in each with a union or something, that way you don't have the full height to contend with when putting them away.
Just set piece of rebar in concrete in each bucket, use longer sections of plastic pipe, slide each end of each pipe over rebar, stretch tarp over arched pipe and anchor with grommets/rope/screws, or whatever. To breakdown: Untie and remove tarp, lift pipe off rebar, store. It may take more than 4 buckets depending upon how many bows for your desired lenght of canopy.