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Not Trying To Beat a Dead Horse But......


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Oct 23, 2005
Twin Cities Minnesota
I want brighter headlights. I do a lot of traveling up in the north woods and visibility is important to me: as seen by my current mods :) I want Bright, not Blue!

HID's are not an option for me right now.

I've considered Silverstars but  I've never seen them in person.

I've read that the replacements # are 9006 low, 9005 high and fog or 880 fog. Is this right?

ALSO! - Ebay and other sites are showing different types, ie: "XL", "XVT", "ST", etc - Can someone tell me the part numbers for the best bulbs I can get for an 02 cladded?

OTHERWISE - If these Silverstar's are too "blue", what other direct replacement bulbs and part numbers can give me tone of light?

I want and need the brightest bulbs possible without switching to HID.

Any help would truly be appreciated.

IF HID are not in the picture go  with the SU (Silverstar Ultra's) they are white not blue
Have you tried the all 4 or all 6 on mod??
Butch - I have the all 4 on high mod. Will be doing the 6 on high this spring. That is one reason I don't want HID. I can't afford the costs of upgrading all 6 lights. And I really want all sets to match one another.

MichiganSilver03 - Thanks, will start pricing the Ultra's!
I used 880ST I never changed them when the Ultras came out.
Butch - Can you point me to the 6 on high mod for the 02?? Can only find threads for 03-06

Can anyone confirm if I can use the 9005SU's in my fogs?

Thanks a tons folks!!!

Benny1013 said:
Butch - Can you point me to the 6 on high mod for the 02?? Can only find threads for 03-06

Can anyone confirm if I can use the 9005SU's in my fogs?

Thanks a tons folks!!!


Sorry, I can not find it, is there a 6 on high for the '02's?
Wow I am shocked that no one has done this on an 02. I guess if they have it just hasn't been documented...

Well I guess you will just have to come over and be a guinea pig  >:D I have a bunch of diodes and shouldn't have any problems getting it working. I guess I am assuming that the 02 has a relay that runs the fogs. We need to find that and need to determine how you want them to work exactly. I think you had mentioned in the past that you would be interested in having them come on all the time.

Let me know how you would like them to work and I will figure something out. I wish I had the Helm Manual for the 02 but we could probably see if someone has access to the diagrams for this system as it would help a lot. Speaking of that I really should order the Helm for my 03.

Hope you can make it next weekend. I sent you a PM about that.
There is a mod for the all 6 on hi..  THe reason why I know is I have it..  Wasnt hard to do, just anytime your running lights ( by themselves) are on the fogs are on..
Will find the thread for it..
And yes if the HIDs are not an option go with the Ultras for sure..


Where did you order your bulbs? I'm looking to order some for my fogs, and just shopping around for the best price & shipping.


ps these are what I'm running @ high/lows
& tell him Tony sent you
I'm not sure that I got "the best deal" on them, but I bought mine off of ebay. All six bulbs for $113.00. from Odonnell's Auto Parts. Local stores wanted between 45-50 dollars a set so I figured I didn't do that bad. These prices are for the "SU's"

$113 is almost enough for low beam HIDs which will make all the Silverstars look piss yellow. I would have saved my money instead. I have spent $$$ on all kinds of bulbs over the years and you just can beat the bright white light of HID to help these old eyes see at night :love:
My number one concern over the HID's is protecting the extra wiring and ballasts. I'm very rough on my truck, and I know some people here have had no problems with their ballasts, but it seems in my case that what can short out, will short out.

I got "all six bulbs" for $113. I can't afford to more then triple that cost for all 6 matching HID's. And I really wanted all 6 to match. I definitely couldn't afford that and then run into problems with my wiring/ballasts shorting out or going bad because snow, mud and water are getting packed up in there, or bouncing around.

Still very happy with my purchase :)        :love:

Do What you want to do it's your AV, this is the most hottest topic besides Cladding, Factory radio or Aftermarket, etc
There is a thread that's where I got my info from. It was super easy on the 02's then pain came when I hooked up the Hellas. I didn't know what to tap into. I have so happy now when I travel the back woods.

This topic was buried but I got it.


that is the infor for all on hi mod



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looks like a better source of info for the 02