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Now I Am Confused!



I am new here and am interested in purchasing my first AV. I am very excited. I have just found this site and bookmarked it for an everyday look. After reading all the post about the leaking midgates and the smoking problems, now I don't know if it is a good idea to purchase one anymore. I think they look awesome and am a little skepticle now.

Any helpful tips on what to look for?
Don't be frightened. From what I understand, the early production models had some problems (but corrected under warranty). Mine was built 8/01 and I don't have any smoking or leaking issues. I have about 3800 on it now and have not had any buyers remorse ( except the payment, of course ). It's a very functional truck and it looks cool as @$&*!! There is another thread about the same issue you bring up, but heck if I can get you there. Hang around a bit and you won't be sorry. :)
Hi victor,
as far as the midgate leaking goes just go to the dealership while it's raining or right after. fold down the back seats and check to see if that Av is leaking. If it is look at a different one and find one that doesn't leak. As far as the smoking part goes I'm soory I can't help you there mine has not smoked at all. Check out my pics and see where to look for those leaks. Mine has finally been fived. It took a lot of persistence on my part with the dealer, but it has finally paid off. Good luck on finding that one Av that was built just for you. Also welcome to the club :B:
Welcome to the club Victor, just scan the problem section and make a checklist, you will get a good truck and love it. ;D
I am getting mine Monday, now (Unless there are any MORE surprizes) and had some of the same fears as you. Remember, those with problems will ALWAYS voice their disapproval (and should) and those that are running great (the majority) are having too much fun to keep telling us that.
My sister in law bought an AV this spring and LOVES it...none of the above problems (or any for that matter) and she came out of a Silverado extendo-cab Z-71 pick em up truk...
Get yourself to the dealer and enjoy! (y) ;D >:D
Like I said in my first post, I am new here and have found this forum to be very helpful and very friendly. I found a used 2002 Av. at my local dealer. It is fully loaded, sunroof, On star and all. It is black and I love it. I have got them down to 29,9k on the price. Now I am debating on new vs. used. I can get a new one fully loaded for not much more. I am just ready to make my first purchase, but don't want to make a mistake. I am coming from a family of Chevy's. I have a 97 1500 Ext. Cab. and have fell in love with the Av's.
Any suggestion on the new vs. used?


How many miles are on the Av? I bought mine used with 1274 miles on it. Far less than what a demo would have had on it and paid 27K for it. Hope this gives you some negotiating room.

Victor, welcome to the board. ?I understand your delima. ?Everyone wants to save a few coins, myself included. ?However, $29.9K seems kind of high to me for a used AV. Large discounts are now available on NEW 2002's. ?I have heard of many AV's selling for $7,000 to $8,000 off MSRP. I think some have even sold with larger discounts. If my calculations are close, that would mean a NEW Z-71 with just about all the options would cost about $30K. It seems to me in this situation that new is the best way to go. ?Not only is the cost increase relatively small but new vehicles are typically financed at lower interest rate. ?Also, I would exercise extreme caution about purchasing a used vehicle that is less than one year old. ?Why did the original purchaser get rid of that particular AV? ?Was it having problems? ?Unless you could speak with the original owner, would you ever really know? ?I think you would receive some peace of mind if you purchased new. ?Just my opinion. ?No matter which you decide to buy, congratulations on your decision to get an AV. ?Let us know how things work out. ?Good Luck!

Try this topic: http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php?board=7;action=display;threadid=586;start=0


The AV had just over 9000 miles on it and I am not sure why the owner got rid of it. I wish I could talk to him, but they say it is against the law to give out previous owner info. That stinks. I am still looking forward to my first purchase. I can hardly sleep at night.

$30k with 9000 miles? You said the new Av was not much more. What is the price of the new Av?
At 9000 miles, 25% of you mileage warranty is gone. When was it first sold? You will have lost x number of months from the 36 month warranty. Depending on the price difference , I think I would be leaning towards the new Av. As someone already mentioned, you should be able to get a better interest rate on the new vehicle. Shop around, there are good deals available on '02's right now.
I've said this before in a smilar link, but I'll repeat it again to rack more numbers up on my reply count ;D ? I would not let the problems that you see listed here weigh too heavliy on your decision. ?You have a concentration of owners for one vehicle listing issues they have had. ?ANY vehicle will have similar amount of postings if they had such a great forum such as this. ?If every vehicle had this type of site, you'd most likely would stick to a Schwin ?;D ?At least you know what problems have occured, and what to look for when shopping.?Although I have a midgate leak - I am hopefull it will get resolved. ?:love:

I have to say "Many thanks" for such great responses to my concerns. I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would here and all of you are so friendly. I now know what to look for this week when going to find MY AV. I am excited, of course. One dealer called me this morning and wanted to know if I had made up my mind, because he knows I am shopping around.

Well, thanks again.

:eek: Hey VIC :eek:

Don't be too quick to buy that used AV for almost $30K! I got mine with 47 miles on it for $29K ($8600 off MSRP). Town and Country :B: in PORTLAND, OREGON is knocking $9K off all Z/71 AVs!!! They are priced between $27,658 and $28,283 (9 available). So drive a hard bargain. Take in the Saturday Ad section from the "OREGONIAN" to give the sales manager an "example!"

As for problems... I have had ZERO problems with leaks (here, in Oregon, where it rains ALOT!) or smoke or anything! Mine was built in 8/01 and sat out in the rain for 6 months before I got it! It was dry as a bone inside and even under the bed mat. I get favorable comments EVERY single day. And when people go for a ride in my AV... Well... They wanna buy one!

Good luck! >:D
Victor said:
After reading all the post about the leaking midgates and the smoking problems, now I don't know if it is a good idea to purchase one anymore. I think they look awesome and am a little skepticle now.

Don't sweat it. The problems your reading about are not that common. Some people are having leak problems. My AV was almost a year old on the lot when I bought it, and I've yet to have a leak yet. I'm convinvced I'll be buying Avalanches until they don't make them any more.

Man Gary, you did get a good deal. Hopefully I will run up on one too. The closest I can get is 33,xxx, fully loaded.
Hey Vic,

I don't know where you're from, but if you are anywhere near the NW, it might pay to visit Town and Country in Portland. The most expensive Z/71 they have is $28,500 out the door. I don't know if it has a sunroof. I bought the only sunroof Z/71 in Eugene, OR and used the Town and Country ad to get $8600 off the MSRP! I figure it is worth the $400 I "lost" to have it serviced in my home town.

:eek:Bargain hard :eek: for the remaining 2002's! The salesman blocked me from leaving (I said I would be back for a 2003... LOL). But as ANY car salesman will tell you, "The BE BACK bus don't stop here!"
I have only priced the regular 2wd at 28,000. I am in South Alabama and the prices haven't come down that much yet.
Maybe I should take a trip to the North West.

I will have to agree with the rest of the guys out here. I would not consider an AV with over 9k miles on it for the kind of money they are asking. Offer them 20k see what they do... hehehehehe. As for buying one new... the folks are again right. You can get an AV for close or below "invoice". I got my 2500 for one hell of a price without the strong arm negotiating. If you want you can contact my dealer and ask him about his AVs... he has 10 or so on the lot 6 of them are Indy 500 AVs! Give him a ring and see what he cen do for you. Indianapolis is not THAT far away from you specially if yo can save another grand or two. His name is Andy Wolf, he is the owner of Bud Wolf Chevrolet. He can be reached at 1-800-837-9053 tell him you got his info from our forum. He will treat you right... that is what he does, no matter where you live!.

Good luck sir and Happy AVing!

I think if you can't get ahold of the previous owner go with the new one..With all the incentives they have now you might be better off.. What is you peace of mind worth to you? Just check the build date in the drivers door and get a later production, sounds like any born after Nov or Dec should be ok. I have a 2500 born in Sept and it has been a great car. No leaks or problems so far.
I forgot to mention, this one was born on 07/01. Maybe I should find a newer one, but first, see how low he will go.

Go for the new AV! There has got to be some peace of mind buying a new vs a used vehicle. The way it sounds you can probable pick up the new AV for the same price or close to the same price as the used AV. I purchased a new show room model North Face edition $7000 below the MSRP. I have had no problems with my AV and I purchased it May 2nd. It's BOD is 01/02. I LOVE MY AVALANCHE. I cant imagine owening another Vehicle

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Victor, South Alabama huh? It would benefit you to call Jim Robinson Chevrolet/ Cadillac in Pascagoula, MS. Phone no. 228-762-2711. Ask for Richard Searce, Sales Manager and tell them James Bird, the guy in the Virgin Islands, referred you. They are a volume dealer. For example, in May during my last visit home, they were advertising Cadillac EXTs for $9,500 off MSRP and Avalanches were something like $8,000 off MSRP and their MSRP are actual MSRPs, none of that inflated dealer added stuff. I purchased mine in Nov. for $6,000 off and you can do better now with the '03s coming out within the next 2 or 3 months.