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Numbers Game ...



Anyone know what tax and licensing should be for a 2002 AV 25004x4? In CA?
I just spent 3 hours with a salesman running back and forth from his finance manager to the negotiating table. the MSRP was 38,995.00.
The dealer ran an ad in the local Newspaper 5,000.00 off on all 2002 AV's in stock. Leaving me to believe 33,995.00 sale price+ tax + Licensing. They even offered me the 0%, 0 down, no payment for 90 days, I am thinking sweet, now I can participate on the CAFCNA website and install the amber DRL's that I purchased almost 5 months ago.
Anyway the salesman comes back with a payment calculation of 700.00 X 60 = .
I looked at him and laughed, he laughed back and said it was his job to try. I politely told him to try again, he came back with, 675.00 X 60 = .
I got fustrated, started to put my jacket on and walked out. Am I the only one that realizes that those monthly payments for that duration is more expensive than the MSRP's on the 2003's? So, my question is, what is the going rate for the taxes and licensing fees in CA? By their math it's over $8,000.00

thanks for the input, it's got to be worth at least twenty raffle tickets, eh?
The 5000 off could be a rebate which is subtracted after taxes........

They should have provided you a form which lists each line item out explaining all the charges and final out of pocket sales price or cash you need (or finance)......

Good Luck and try another dealer....
I don't know if it's a state law or federal but my factory rebate here in Michigan has to be deducted AFTER taxes. You are charged sales tax of 6% on the total cost minus GMS and any dealer discount but still taxed before rebates are deducted.

I'm not sure if it would be different in CA or not.
I love my AV, I hate sales people-
Just tell me BOTTOM LINE what it cost's-
Sorry dude and good hunting-

If it don't feel right- it aint!
Wait and the sweet av will be home in no time
Has anyone noticed how over the years the sales folks haven't been as pushy when it comes to approaching you in the dealership...I remember when you first walked in the door and they just about tackled you trying to get your attention....and asking you what you were interested in etc......the times have changed... :B:
It must vary by area. Here in Seattle we have a couple of large dealerships that still use the old "what do I have to do to get you to buy this car today" routine. Even if you go in for a brochure, you have to chew your arm off at the shoulder to get away from these sharks. Anymore I try to do my initial recon looking like I am unemployed. >:D
Steelheadchaser said:
. Anymore I try to do my initial recon looking like I am unemployed. >:D

Got THAT right, I learned to never show up in the SBC company truck, salesmen seem to think we make a mil a year or something. It's like a flock of buzzards.

Where I finally bought my Av (Frank Pastick Chevrolet), it was nice, no pressure just a very informed salesman that knew ALL the features of the '03.
When I went to purchase the Av...at Shrewsbury Chevrolet/BMW (shameless plug)...I headed straight for the salesman who didn't jump out of there seat at first glance....not to mention...I always dress way down when going to make a purchase of this magnatude.....some would mistake me for homeless...but that will usually bring out the true salesman....and leave the headhunters at bay..... :B: