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Official MCM Video Thread

Tahoe Fox

Full Member
Jul 29, 2004
I'm in the middle of loading mine up on You Tube but if any of you guys already have, feel free to post them here w/ a little background on the video.... post away :love:
I am outta work right now, and then I will post some.  Warning in advance... my audio on my camera is terrible  :E:
trAVelingman said:
Wolf and Fox,

I miss you guys already....... :( ?

Love ya!

:love: :love: :love: :love:

ours are still loading... i have video PROOF why "Boom" won the competition  >:D
A bunch of folks went out for dinner... when the came back to the hotel this was them reparking... w/ glow & all.

grnxnam got bags for his ride... this is him showing them off one night

lovin' the grill's smile on this one

Took a video of the bartenders of Coyote Ugly showing off their talents(?) when we went out one of the nights of MCM

When we got to the final round of the show & shine competition, a lot of them got together to make it easier for the judges...  it's pretty obvious imho why "Boom" won for his sound system...  :eek:

Check out the glow on these hot rides...

Took a final walk through of all the gorgeous Avs w/ their strobes & glows. Outstanding amounts of love went into these rides... check 'em out...

I'll get my loaded soon :love:
trAVelingman said:
Wolf and Fox,

I miss you guys already....... :( ?

Love ya!
I already miss everyone....!  And I never made it around to meet everyone  :needhug:  These last couple of days were hard - all I can think about is the MCM.  When people ask if I enjoyed my vacation they probably wish I'd shut the Fudge up and "why the heck did I ask?".

I have the Bedrug install (which I'll probably start a new post) and some other, I just need to figure out how to edit them and piece them together.