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Oh The Temptations


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May 22, 2002
Eureka, MO
In chat the other night it came up that if I were to get a new Avalanche, it'd be an Arrival Blue North Face Edition.

What are the odds anyone near me would actually have that?

Well, when I was looking to buy mine there was a dealer I liked that didn't have what I wanted and a dealer I didn't like that had what I wanted. Ended up buying from the dealer I didn't like and got what I wanted.

Well, the dealer I liked has a 2003 Arrival Blue North Face Edition. The only thing it's missing that I really really want is a sunroof.

So I went by the dealership and the salesman I talked to was still there and remembered me. I bought mine at like 4.5% APR or whatever it was and between the 0% and incentives and rebates and other dealmaking it would only cost me about $10/month more and an additional 2 months of payments to trade AV's.

And I plan on moving to NJ and have been thinking about how nice it would be to have 4wd vs having 2wd.

I don't think I'm going to trade, but it's really really really really really really tempting.

I may have to go back and take it for a test drive anyway. Just for fun of course, not to consider trading. ?:rolleyes:

:B: :B:


Go for it ;D So far this year Jersey has had an ABNORMAL amount of snow ( weren't you up here for Thanksgiving? ) The Z71 package will come in handy getting you up the slopes for snowboarding, which I would guess is very difficult in Florida....... ;)

Look at all the advantages Jersey has to offer: Endless pavement, Acid Rain, Road Salt, Major-League traffic, California Emissions Standards, and really rude drivers....... What's not to like?


If it had a sunroof it'd probably be a done deal.

And I'd have to re-buy all my neon. :(

I wonder what color neon I'd have to get. Neo-blue or Turquoise. Hrm...

Only 10 bucks more per month? how many other bonuses come with the North Face over the Z66? I don't know personally.

So for 10 bucks you get an Av with less miles, a higher resale, more options, and in the color you wanted? What's the real reason you are hesitating?
It's not quite that clean cut. I would lose some value overall. Plus once I drive it off the lot it'll be pretty near the value of what I have now... a little more but not enough to throw a party over.

I'd end up with about $1500 more in payments overall. Plus it'd be about $1500 to have an aftermarket sunroof installed and I'd have to re-buy the neon. And I'd have to throw some cash into it too (left off on the initial post... was trying to forget that part).

I like the LPM almost as much as I like the Arrival Blue. The main things I'd be gaining would be 4WD, the NFE Interior and Bose Radio. Would be losing the sunroof and some $.

The main thing would be getting 4WD. But I think I want to try my Z66 in the snow and ice before I make a switch because I'm sure every year I could find an excuse to buy a new AV and I don't want to start that trend. :)


I know you may not want to hear (see) this but it really isn't exactly what you want is it? I'm sure that you would be pretty dissapointed with an aftermarket sunroof (compared to the factory). Also remember the av with a factory sunroof has the galvanised roof which doesn't come on the av without the sunroof.

Mate, now if it was EXACTLY what you wanted then....

Temptations are nasty, driving me crazy,

I am pondering trading my 2002 AV for a 2003 AV. This is why I have not really made any changes to it, no mods that can not come off. ?:rolleyes:

I look for excuses every day as to why I should have a new AV. Maybe I should just get another one, have 2. ?:0:

My advice to you is this, like Skidd said, if it is not exactly what you want then... ?;)
I don't know what that dealership has against sunroofs. That was the reason why I didn't buy from them originally. They had one that was pretty close to what I wanted... all it was missing was the assist steps... which could have been added and the sunroof.

I'll have to go back there and remind them that they're in FLORIDA and sunroofs are a requirement! Not only that but they've missed out on one or two sales because of AV's without sunroofs.

Ok, I've made an executive decision. I'm going to see if they'll let me take it home for a day or two.

Maybe the sunroof won't be that big of a deal, maybe I won't even miss it.

Plus having two AV's parked side by side in my apartment place would really screw with my neighbors. >:D

I'll head back to the dealership Monday or Tuesday, will share results & pictures if they let me borrow it.