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Ohio, Non-Com Or Passenger SUV Plates??


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Feb 12, 2003
Akron, Ohio
Hello, ... How are you plating your Avalanche in Ohio?? Mine was plated as a Non Com Truck. I was told by another AV owner that it can be plated as a 4 door passenger car - SUV ... :B:

it is a pick-up truck so in Ohio it is Non-commerical ..... I was able to transfer my plates from an s-10 pickup to the Av when I bought it .... I don't see how it can be plated as a passenger car ...
The Av will be titled as a non-comm vehicle. The first owner of mine somehow was able to get it titled as an SUV (passenger) but the title bureau would not let me title it the same way. You will probably have to title it as non-comm.

I argued the point on the 4dr. , back seat, and "Suburban" chassis,
for Passenger Car plates, but. :0:

The reply is it has a "bed" , therefore it has to be titled as NON-COM, or Truck. :6:

(actually it's probably because they make $13.00 more for non-com's)

...question... AV has a bed ...but not a bed you can remove from the frame, separate from the cab like all other trucks. Other trucks can have the bed removed and a work box, dump truck bed or other things placed on the rear fame to replace the bed. The Avalanche bed is one unit with the body. ...So does this make it possible to register it as an SUV? ??? ???

Not in Ohio.

It's still an "open box on a truck chassis"

sorry. been there tried that when I bought mine, (tryed to transfer from my 4dr. Blazer)