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Oil Change Adventure


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Feb 21, 2002
Greeley, CO
I guess every first oil change on a new vehicle is a bit of an adventure - and the Av was no exception! Some notes and questions . . .

1. Changed it at 1500 miles - wish I'd done it sooner - I was surprised at the amount of metal fuzz on the magnetic drain plug

2. No problem draining it - a wad of paper towels on the skid plate (suggested in this forum) caught the few drips that went there . . BUT . .

3. Changing the oil filter was another matter! The amount of oil that poured out from above the seal completely overwhelmed my catch rags, and ended up on the skid plate, the floor, down my arms, etc :p. So I ended up pulling the skid plate to clean up my mess.

What are the tricks here? I'd really like to avoid such a mess in the future. Punching a hole in the filter with a nail to drain it before removing comes to mind!

4. I pre-filled my new oil filter before installing, but was still surprised at how long the pressure took to come up when I started it. Prefilling seemed like a good idea but is it just a waste of time?

5. 6 quarts later (and I noted that the filler tube is not where stated in the owners manual for the 5.3) and I'm back on the road!

I'll probably go 3k on this and then change to synthetic



Did mine last night for the first time at 1200 miles.
Parked the vehicle on a slight in-cline from front to back.
All oil ended up in the drain pan. The filter was on so tight that I had to go and buy a tool to help remove it.
Not much room to get your hand around it... Lots of oil...but agian...all ended up in the pan.....no rags.. no mess.

I also had, what looked like mud, stuck to the magnet.
Looks like the engine did its part in breaking itself in.



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Mar 2, 2002
Southern Calif
I have the 8100 and went to Valvoline Synthetic at 890 miles. I am not aware if there are any differences between the two engines concerning oil changes. I did not change mine,....