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Oil Change Plug


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Jan 19, 2002
Washington County TEXAS
Noticed when last changed the oil the magnetic tip
was covered in a dark grey sludge. Sure this is
what the magnet is for but haven't noticed it before
and wipe the plug off before installing. Last
oil run was with a Fram extra guard, this time used
a Fram Double guard. May need to go back to a
mobil one or another premium filter if a difference
really exist between the makes.
Absolutely get rid of those Fram filters as they have one of the poorest ratings on the market. At least the high end Fram you used was some help. Go to the Mobil One filters. Mobil1-M206 for the 2003 and Mobil1-M107 for the 2003 [Z-71]. If the parts place can't find the filter conversions for your year model tell them to run it on part number conversion, not vehicle type.