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Oil Consumption Test Started On Bad Note


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Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Well, i finally went in to get my oil consumption test started. When i got home last night, i let the truck sit for a while then checked my oil. Guess what!!!! They overfilled it :8: How am i supposed to perform an oil consumption test when theres too much oil in it. Its about 1" over the thatched line :6: I called up the dealership and told them they overfilled my oil. The tech manager said thats not possible, he doesnt know how that can be done. He went to ask the tech about it and the tech said that he had overfilled it slightly :7: NO, thats unacceptable. THe dealer than said there was nothing he could do for me. I dont get it, while under supervision from corporate, they still make these mistakes. I do have pics and documentation of this, just for my self. Im trying to contact GM ASAP about it because i dont want the motor to blow seals due to extra oil. But no one is available there today. SO i might have to go up the food chain.
Thanks for reading this, I just needed to vent,,,,,, again :cool:
ultravorx said:
I do have pics and documentation of this, just for my self.
Outstanding! You'll get a lot more cooperation from GM (should it go that far) and your dealership, when you have documentation to back up your claim.
You will not "blow out your seals" due to too much oil. The problem that you may have would be that, if the oil level is high enough, the crankshaft could actually be spinning in oil which will cause the oil to foam. This could result in a loss of oil pressure. I don't understand the repair shops statement that they can't do anything about it. They can certainly drain a little oil out, pump some oil out of the dipstick tube, or just take off the oil filter and replace it, that would remove almost a quart of oil. Perhaps he should have said "we are too lazy (or stupid) to do anything about it", at least that would have been honest!
Here is a pic of my dip stick where the dealer overfilled my oil to start an oil consumption test. I wonder why the dealer said theres nothing he could do about it :rolleyes: Duhh, drain some out :0:

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
Guess this way you'll never fail the oil consumption test unless your drain plug wasn't in :mad:

Have the dealer drain it so that you can restart the consumption test.
They should drain it completely out. Refill it for the test and you should check it before you leave the dealership with the service manager standing there.

Well, i talked with my rep about it. i said im not going back to this dealership. If they can mess up a simple oil consumption test, what will happen if they try to fix my awd system, or other major parts. My rep is trying to find me a new dealership to bring my truck to. This will be dealer # 3. Maybe 3rd times a charm :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
THAT is why I do everything that I possibly can MYSELF.
Besides, changing the oil on the av is easy! 10 minuts flat. and mine is lifted, so i dont even have to jack it up :love:
This kind of stuff makes you angry . . .

I too am a big fan of doing things myself, and that's great as long as you don't need warranty work. Then you're at the mercy of the dealers, and while the fact that you don't have to pay for it is some consolation, working with the idiots is still no fun.

Disclaimer . . there must some good service shops out there - many of us just haven't found them yet! :mad:
there are only two shops that my avalanche sees.
Ken's 4X4, this is where i go the lift done to keep warrenty. i am good friends with the owner.

and friendly chev. i am good friends with the fleet manager. he is also the one that i got the truck from, he saved me $17,000 off the sticker price!

friends are more likely to take good care of your rig, and less likely to screw you over.

if you dont know anyone in the repair buisness.
go out an make some friends! ;)

So, you are suggesting that AV owners all become stalkers of GM Service Tech's?? ?;)

"Hello Mr. Service Manager. ?I like you! ?Will you be my friend? ?Oh, by the way, how much to get me a (insert favorite Official GM Brand Mod here)?" ?:cool:

On a serious note. ?What is an "Oil Consumption Test"? ?Are you having trouble with your AV burning/using oil and the dealership wants to verify it by changing the oil and making sure it is full so they can check to see how much it is using?

If that is the case, then over filling the oil may be a way to make it seem as if the engine is not loosing any oil. ?After all it would still appear to be full a week from now (or how ever long they want to wait) when they re-check it.

Reidan ? ;D
Hey Frank, it's good to see that you are documenting this stuff and taking photos. I hope you never need them but it's good peace of mind that you have them.

Maybe you should email them to your GM rep... and the dealer service manager who is being unhelpful.
FYI . . . Talked to a service department briefly today about getting my first oil change on my 03. The service manager said they were automatically using an additive on 5.3 engines, presumably to help manage oil consumption.
Well, just an update, Im running on day 4 of having too much oil, I guess GM thinks its ok :rolleyes: But I really beg to differ. I even found reports from ACDelco that overfilling your oil will cause oil foaming and could blow out seals. I guess it will just strenghten my case for GM to buy this truck back.
Well, day 3 from when GM is supposed to find me a dealer to bring my truck to. No call yet, even though I have left him a message. :7: I guess GM want my motor to break ??? But i did accomplish some other things, I did write a formal letter to Rober Lutz (Gm chair of North America) Richard Blumenthal ( CT Attorney General) and 2 consumer help teams on news channel CBS and NBC. Maybe some attention by others will get my issues resolved.
well its day 9 of having too much oil. When I checked it today, guess what. Its at the normal fill line :eek: I guess the extra quart or so has been consumed already :rolleyes: I guess my truck does burn a lot of oil. Pics and documentation are in order for this.
Actually, I posted that before i started having all the issue not curently taken care of. I also believed by going to a different dealer would help out my situation, but it didn't. I wan't too sure on the financial charges back then, So i thought i would actually make out in the long run. After some members cleared up my clouded perception, I realized it wasn't feazable(sp?) At this point in the game I also would NOT consider another AV now, just because they cannot fix my current problems, nor can they recommend a dealer to me to bring my truck to, no returned phone calls. Im pulling for a buyback and thats it, I will not settle, at this point for warranties, an 03', or anything else they may offer.
I know i do, I didn't start the "big fiasco" until the second dealer messed everything up. I just believe i had some (many more than others though) issue like most people do, and a competant dealer would resolve it. But i found that wasnt the case, So part of my complaining is about the truck AND the service I've been receiving.
Im glad u posted what you did, because in case GM is reading this, they WILL know my situation in more detail, or clear up any misconceptions like i did for you :D