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Ok, Now I've Seen Everything...

Wow...I wonder how many prom kids you can fit in that Av.stretch......Not to mention a few more after the "change for a dollar".. ;D ;D
OK this limo thing is getting rediculous.. They did it to the Lincoln Navigator :9: and now they want to ruin an Av by stretching it. People don't even enjoy looking at them. The original is much better looking and quite long enough. The limo-truck fad is quickly growing old.
My 220" version just fits into my garage now. I'd have to do some serious remodeling to fit the stretcher. How many midgates come standard? :B:
Bizarre thing is that I think they are serious. Look at some of the photos they've taken of other SUV's that they've stretched - the Excursion for example.

Just haven't gotten their grubby hands on an Av yet!

I think I am in the 5th dimension, someone throw me a rope. What a waste of a perfectly good Av.

The first one will probably go to Las Vegas to run a guy and his buddies out to the Chicken Ranch . . .
...and to make this a hit, how does 20" chrome rims and matching body paint sound.

actually, the stretch thing doesnt work for the Av, the Esco EXT sounds alot better. :cool:
Hey Gand...when I was out in Reno, Nevada....that is like the first thing people mention to you out there is to go to these chicken ranches....although I never personally went...I had some buddies who came back with some big... ;D ;D ;D on their faces.... :cool: