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One Clean Machine Till It Snows In Mi.


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Mar 15, 2002
Had to really detail the AV for winter, so I am so proud of it, and it probably won't last a day here in Michigan, so I thought I would show it off to my fello AV'ers.
Call me anal, but here is my regiment:
* wash
* 303 all plasic & trim/back to black roof rack
* clay bar, then Meguires Polish, then #7 glaze with a buffer
* wax
* clean & wax door jambs, & wheels & windows/mirrors/wipers/antenna/headlights/tail lights
* silicone spray all rubber seals
* Armor all wheel wells

and whalla... here she is:
cloudy day, but still shining. Look close in door,.. see background trees.



:B: :B:

That's a nice CLEAN ride you've got there..........I got winded just reading what you did to it ;D

Remember to post a pic next April to compare it to!

There is no such thing as "anal" when referring to these fine trucks....they cost enough...and are well worth the effort... :B:
Nice shine, BgBlkAvalanche. Looks like it's worth the effort! If it gets dirty from the snow, it will be easier to clean the next time with that layer of Meguires. ;)
You know the cool thing about owning a white av...even when it snow's ...it looks clean...well ok..maybe not... ;D :B:
Blue was nice and clean until yesterday afternoon. About 3" of lake effect snow in West Mich. just enough to make it sloppy, not enough for snowmobiling.

I'm hoping it gets colder and we get the foot or so they predicted. The more snow we have, the less dirty the Av gets.

The garage warms up fast and I like washing the Av anyway so... LET IT SNOW!!!

Looks quite nice, but I noticed the swirls on the door seen with the flash :mad:. Can't always be perfect and it is a truck, but just thought I'd mention it ;D....

We just had the luck of getting our black Z66 the filthiest it has ever been, driving a couple hundred miles in the snow, ice, slop, and salt of wonderful Pennsylvania. Didn't have much time to get it cleaned, so ran it down to the car wash and got most everything off...otherwise, only loving hand washes for the black beast!
The snow here in NE Ohio looks white but it's really clear, that way it doesn't get our Av's dirty at all.
dmacker said:
The snow here in NE Ohio looks white but it's really clear, that way it doesn't get our Av's dirty at all.

Uh...Yeah... it's your story... Tell it ANY WAY you want to!!! ROFL!!!