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One Sharp Bonneville


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP

What's Special About It?
How about a nice healthy V8 under the hood to start. That's right, after too many years of laboring along with overburdened V6 powerplants, the Bonneville GXP will debut in early 2004 with a 285 horsepower, dual-overhead cam V8 and a floor-mounted four-speed automatic transmission. A performance-tuned suspension that rides lower coupled with 18-inch wheels and tires will help keep the big sedan stuck to the ground while larger front and rear disc brakes will provide the stopping power. The exterior will be reshaped by new front and rear fascias, extended rocker panel extensions and a three-piece rear spoiler. The interior will feature leather- and suede-trimmed seats, a restyled instrument cluster, carbon fiber-look trim and an aluminum shifter handle.

Why Should You Care?
The fact that this car is headed to production already is a promising sign for GM fans. Debuting just last spring at the Chicago International Auto Show, this Bonneville received enough positive feedback that it was fast tracked into production almost immediately. Although the examples shown in Chicago and Las Vegas were still called concepts, Pontiac has assured us that the production version will come to market with few changes.


* 4.4-liter, 32-valve V-8 engine
* Hydra-Matic 4T80-E automatic transmission with a floor-mounted shifter
* GXP-specific instrument panel
* Carbon fiber-look interior trim bezels and steering wheel
* Seats are leather appointed with suede inserts
* GXP-specific performance series exterior badging
* Ten exterior colors with two premium tri-coats available
* Special GXP front fascia/rear fascia, fog lamps, rocker panel extensions, three-piece rear deck spoiler
* Lowered wheel-to-body ride height
* Performance-tuned suspension components
* Front/rear dampers and stabilizer bars
* Larger diameter, high-performance front and rear disc brakes with heat-resistant ceramic coated calipers
* Specially tuned exhaust system maximizes the performance and sound quality of the 4.4-liter V-8 engine
* Five-spoke aluminum wheels and P235/50R 18-inch W-speed-rated tires
* Brushed aluminum shifter handle

My Dad is a big fan of their past supercharged SSEI models, having owned 4. I'm hoping he'll get rid of one of the two he has currently and get one of these guys >:D
I applaud Pontiac for opting to put the 8 under the hood....rather than putting another high tuned 6.....It felt as though they couldn't possilby squeeze any more performance within reason..If this is the direction in which Pontiac is going to ahead in...then count me in ....I'll jump on this bandwagon.... (y) :B:
We have a Bonneville - just an SE but a loaded SE. I must say, it's time for a V8. We have been disappointed in the 3.8L especially because it never starts right after being shut off for more than an hour.

The 5.3, at least for us on the AV, has good, short and consistent startups whereas the Bonneville is difficult to predict. A V8 sounds like a good step to me.
I was on Pontiac's web site and saw it a few weeks ago. I like it from the rear end/ I am not too crazy about it's side profile. It may just have to grow on me. Has anyone heard of the new Super Fast Grand Prix 260 X 2 that is supposed to be coming out. They claim it puts out 260 horses and 260 pounds of torque. Hence the name 260 X 2
Thanks for the information ZimmsAv.

My wife gets the next new car. I will show her this.

Currently she is driving a '95 Bonneville we bought used in '97. The car has never let us down.

Any idea on how much $$$ it will cost?