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One Thing !

Honestly, it would be audio controls in the steering wheel. Really miss them. Becasue I've already swapped out the stock audio system I'm afraid to but the JP's unit for fear it will not work
Love What You Did With Your Truck It Looks Really Good With They Clading only on the very bottem of the doors i think that looks really good not to mention the lowering kit.. trying to get my Father to do that with his av ;D
The friggin' cassette tape slots in my console.....I mean.......the AV doesn't even come with a cassette player, what was up with that?


Biggie said:
cassette tape ???? Why would you want one of them ? lol but yea that would be nice if they did have one in the console too

Nah, I want them to take the cassette tape holder slots out of the console and put CD slots in.....I don't even have any cassettes worth listening to....


A bigger bed. Then it can go from 6' (something like that) to 10'. I think that is right. But that would be cool.
Information Center in the overhead console in the 02.How much more would that of cost?
Replace the El Dorko grey plastic cladding with Escalade EXT color keyed cladding...

Like I've said before . . . the seats in my 03 don't offer any back support in critical areas and cause me a great deal of pain.
Dual climate control [not sure on the 03?]
I like 20 deg's and 6" of snow
Wife needs to be 90 deg in a tanning booth on the beach

Also---Heads Up Display--this is a valuable asset

The 8.1 in the 1500 would be OK too

Sorry <<>> I know you said 1
Dual-speed cruise-control. What I mean is, two pre-sets I can toggle between. The route I take on the highway goes back and forth from 60 to 70 MPH. It would be nice to just touch a button to pick the right speed.
I would make it a factory option to add in-the-bed hatches to get into the storage compartments covered by the snugtop. This way I don't have to chop my own holes in the bed. I'm not to cool on putting a sawzall to my new vehicle.
Wider wheels on the 2500 models - they effectively make you buy new wheels $$$$$ if the tire size goes up to at least look like the wheels & tires aren't lost in the wheelwells

Come to think of it , I agree with 11H, If they would have made the cladding nicer and painted it(ala EXT), we wouldn't be discussing whether of not we all like the WBH option because there wouldn't be a need for one (Coporate Dumbasses!)
Speed compensating wipers. Just like the SCV on the stereo, the faster you go the faster they wipe... Would work great in the mist...
Either in the center console if you have buckets, or in the flip-up part if you have the bench, put the freakin' cell phone charger in there!
I have never seen one car of any make/model that has the cell phone charger in a spot that is not up on the dash area. It would be really nice to have it just to the right of the driver, where it can be tucked in next to him or tossed on the passenger seat while it charges.
Tired of the cord stretching under my steering wheel.
:-* We talked about this today at Serra Chevrolet during the Memphis cruise... why can you get a Sub/Tahoe with a leather bench front seat but NOT the Avie? I LOVE my bench seat (aka "knob job package") but would really prefer it be leather. I "could" just find some take outs from a customizer but it sure woulda been easier (and cheaper probably) to get it originally ordered with lthr bench!

Now about that...,
Boy only one thing...

I would love a trip computer with distance to empty, but having radio controls with the Bose system is right there.

I would change the balance due GMAC to zero! >:D