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Online Buying



What experience do people have with online buying services for an AV? Any "best" opinions?
I found the best deal using GMBuypower. I bought my NFE for invoice minus $2000 rebate and 5.9%/60 mo. The SGM North Face had only been on their lot for 10 days and they still gave me that price. I'll be using that service for my next Chevy.
www.gmbuypower.com is a great way to find new Avalanches. You can actually see the actual window sticker of each vehicle.

That is how I located the dealer from whom I ordered
my 2003.
Ditto on the GMbuypower.com. ?My AV is the 4 vehicle I've purchased over the net in the last 5 years.

What could be better than having multiple dealers bidding for your business while you sit at home? ?You get the best deal and the inventory listing is current. ?Found my AV on web site and the dealer didn?t know it has there as it was on a separate lot where their make ready department is at. ?It had just come off the trailer, talk about smelling new I think the paint was still wet! ?
More kudos for GMBuyPower. I found the perfect Av that way - checking dealer inventory at close in dealers and working out until I found what I wanted. I did end up driving 150 miles, but got the perfect Av with less than 5 miles on it, got a pretty good price, got the 0% financing, an unexpected $500 bonus, a realistic trade on an old clunker, and my best car buying experience yet!

I'm now trying to do the same thing on a 'Vette - but the 50th AE cars are somewhat scarce - we'll see how that turns out!