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Only Problem...so Far..



Is I had to get the roof painted.
Found rust under the seals over the doors. :-[

Oh and of course, replaced both locks on the toolboxs
cause they kept opening. ???
The first couple of days this was happening to me and thought it would already have to go back. I was always finding it locked but the cover opened. :7:

However, one time when I was locking it with a key and it was real quiet, I head a small "click".

What was happening was as I was inserting the new key the drag against the pins was causing to button to be pushed in and unlatching it. I then turned the key to lock the latch. :rolleyes:

Being a little more careful inserting the key solved the problem for me.
Sometimes I do the same thing. I lock them, but before I pull the key out of the lock I end up pushing the cylinder in which opens the box back up. :D