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Ontario GTG


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Sep 4, 2006
Please let me know if anyone in the Durham area/GTA would be interested in attending a GTG.? I had thought we were going to have at least a dozen or so Av's last Sunday (I even posted an ad in the Star's Wheels Section!) but only had 3 total at the GTG.

The GTG was in Whitby at the AMC 24 complex (right at 401 and Thickson Rd.) - lots of entertainment (glow in the dark mini-putt, movies, restaurants galore, arcade, etc.).?

Very central location and good visibility even from the 401.? Lots of room for the Avs.? ?Feedback welcome!


Summer time is hard, weekends fill up quick. 

I suggest a fall GTG, with the option for a overnight event. 

Windlove said:

Summer time is hard, weekends fill up quick.

I suggest a fall GTG, with the option for a overnight event.

Ya this is true jason .. I just thought there would be a little more interest .. As Janette mentioned ... we only had 3 Av's show for the last one .. Herself , maduckie and Kyle and Myself... The fall would be better like you say .. But we will see what happens if we can create any interest for a mid to late summer GTG ..

Was this a week night GTG or weekend ?? I know in my area a lot of Bike get together on Wed nights and Jeeps GTG on Thur nights.

They make it 7:00pm to dusk and they get lots of attention.
i would like to be added of the ppl on a heads up..

someone pm me with any info on what day and i'm in

i can also give my email address if that is how ppl are contacted. 
look at date in first post... 2007...

think it happened already