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opinions needed


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Jul 14, 2004
Bradenton, Fl
i posted this in wheels and tires but want instant gratification so.......
I finally found a set of rims that I love. They are 20's so I'd need new tires also. They are expensive($2900.00) total(rims, tires, install, locks). I've seen different prices on here and was wondering if this seems outrageous to anyone? I really like them but I can't decide! Help!
rims not tires-those are the nitto's


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DougD said:

Definitely not for me.

no they are for me and they actually look good on the truck.


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wow those are really different, i think they'll look good on your truck.

i'd suggest shopping around but some wheels-especially ones that don't look like everybody elses-cost more.
really-holy cow-that's quite a price difference. I will be shopping around a little
My Black Chrome Boss 315's and 305/50/20 Nitto 420's were 1300 bucks installed.... :wave:
Ask space how much his install cost.  VERY pricy!
Lord Aries said:
Diamond Pete has them on his AV...

That was my reply!
HerAvy said:
that's where I saw them and he shared with me:)
  See if he remembers what he paid for his?

Personally, wheels alone: They dont look that great. BUT on the AV atleast on Pete's They did look pretty dang good.  I say go for it. But, shop around on the price.
I like them. Not the average overpriced girly looking rim.
But then again I dont have to pay for them.
I will be keeping my stock 17's.
Laurie if you like and you can find them for a good price who cares what any body else thinks.....go for it and good look with the mod.I 'll see ya at the next gtg. (y)
If you like them and can imagine them on your AV then get some other quotes, can't hurt to bargain the price down and use other tire shops to do that.

20X9.5 Rims
I paid $250 each tire and $300 each rim for mine and had one Tire Shop tell me I couldn't get it for that price. I went back to American Tire and got them for that price. Before going to the Tire Shops, I got lots of prices on the internet...Research!

I also have lifetime rotating, balancing and flats! Don't forget to get this.
So important to rotate those wheels!


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I intend to shop around. I really can't do anything til I come back from Reno in a few weeks anyway. I definately want them-just kind of felt sick at the price of the 20's w/ tires. When there's so many mods to do inside I hate to spend it all on outside.
I know what you mean.
I bought some land so now my money has to go towards
the construction part of it.
A little at a time... :B: