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ordering new tires, 35s, need advice.


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Feb 28, 2005
Since i live all the way in Kuwait i need to order tires and ship them overseas, so there is no room for mistakes. I need to make the right choice. I had 35x12.5 Pro Comp Xterrains, great tires, bit pricey, some humming on highways, ok performance on sand. But now its time for a new set of tires. I'm thinking of ordering the same size, 35x12.5 but dont know what to go for.

Here is what i'm looking for in the tire:
- All Terrain
-Low road noise
-Can withsatand the torture of middle east summer
-floats on sand (since that is what i mostly drive on when offroading)
-doesnt wear too fast

Any ideas?? Here are a few tires i've had my eyes on but dont know if they fit the criteria i've listed, Truxsus sts all terrains, Nitto terra grapplers, Nitto Dune grapplers, toyo MTs, pro comp xtreme at. 
I like nitto's brand tires very well built for all different terrains.I also have seen great turn outs with BFG all terrains.
I have had my nitto muds in deep sand here in AZ and I think the climate is close to the same ,maybe a little cooler but as for long life..... I have had mine for a little over a year and they have 26,000 miles on them. But I will have to replace them in a month or two. I will go with the Terra grappler's next. A little longer life.
I have been running the trexus STS a/t's and am currently on my 2nd set.

Good in snow sand and rain. They do have a high wherrrr to them (got 50+k) on 1st set.
and the 10 ply side wall is killer.
I'm very happy with my terra grapplers.  For a 35 I think it's very quiet, can't hear them with the windows rolled up.  I've got 40k on them, the only reason I need to replace is they wore wrong, front alignment sucks.  Not sure how they do in sand tho.
Thanks everybody for your input. I might be getting a body lift added soon, but will 35s look too small? Most 37s and way out of my budget range and way too heavy to ship overseas and still stay within budget range, so 35s is most likely the choice. But i'm worried that 35s might look too small on a 6" plus 3" BL.
I will let you know in a few days my BL goes on this week. and I have 35's on right now. If they look to small I will upgrade to 37's
eeaton5 said:
I will let you know in a few days my BL goes on this week. and I have 35's on right now. If they look to small I will upgrade to 37's

You find a way around the prerunner/skidplate problem then??
Yes they are fabricating new extension mounting brackets so the bar can still be mounted to the bumper and frame.I will post pics on Sunday. They said they will be finished by sat afternoon.
I love my terra grapplers....very quiet..I drive on the beach with them and I have not got stuck yet....granted I don't have 35" but when I finnaly get around to lifting the AV I will stick with the Terras
well i finally bought a set of new tires. They are Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ. A new Mickey Thompson dealer opened in Kuwait and i was their first customer, i got a great deal on a set of 4 but the size i wanted was not in stock, so i will be getting them in about 2 weeks, the size is 315/70r17. I will post picks as soon as get them.