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Orders For 03 Yellow?


Full Member
Sep 8, 2002
Traverse City, Michigan
Does anyone have any information as to when you can actually place an order for a 2003 yellow into the system. I have been told by 3 different dealers that they can take the order but it can not be placed into the system yet because GM is not accepting orders for yellow at this time! I also have been told by 2 of the dealers to expect a surgcharge for the yellow color in the neighborhood of $500-$850.

$500 - $850 for special paint . . . Ouch. I know that surcharges for special paint have been done before, and that yellow has fallen into that catagory before (Saturn I think), but that's a lot of $$$ for paint!

'tis pretty cool though!
I don't think that's bad considering the $1000 that's tacked on for a sunroof in the Av.
Has anyone else seen that much charged for a sunroof. I paid around $500 for the same thing in my Z24
I've seen sunroofs range from $600 to $900. Many times it is packaged with other options.

Why should anyone pay extra for paint? Every vehicle gets painted in one color or another, so it's not like they are adding something extra!

My friend paid $500 extra for paint on her BMW. Only black and white colors are free. Give me a break. :D: