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Our New Black Z66 Pics


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
Here's the first pic of our black Z66 that we bought last Saturday after a nightmare that lasted a year and a half with our last car, a Chrysler 300M. ?This beast is so much nicer on the road!! ?I hope to get more pics uploaded ASAP!

Click to see picture of Avalanche

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Hey, I have a 300M and a black AV....neither one has been back for any warranty work. Is your Av bigger than your deck?
Hey that wasn't you going south on 113 today, just south of Dover? I saw a black AV but couldn't tell if it was a Z66. Anyway looks good, alot cleaner than mine right now. :-[

When we get together we'll have to do a group shot of our AV's for the site. ;D ;D ;D
Congrats! love the color black. I have never owned a black car because of how hard they are to keep clean, but I have always admired those people who were able to.
Great looking Av Beach....I do miss the color black really sharp...
Good lookin' truck, Beach! You're more ambitious than I in going after the black!! Everyone agrees it's a fantastic color scheme, but the color scared many of us off. Here's to going for the gusto!!!!! ;D ;D ;D

Damn the water spots...full speed ahead!!!!!

;DGreat looking AV Beach,,,,, i have to admit i am one of those that like black, but the cleaning. Of course i like a challenge and got black anyway and just bought the wife a the new style altima of course she would only take black and i can wash the av quicker than the altima due to most of the av is cladding. But all the leaks from the mirrors and back is what takes so long as you dry it and come back around more and more water just keeps streaming down. As you may have seen on other post some of our brothers have taken to using a blower to blow off water around mirrors and the back boxes to help out. Great looking truck
And yes my wifes altima has the 3.5 in it 0 to 60 in about 6.7 and she whoops my butt, as long as she is happy and i have my AV. who gives a hoot.
excellent looking Av :cool: Beach :cool:... great choice!!! you'll definitely have alot more fun in life with the Av...

;D ;D ;D
NIIIICE! Now get those front windows tinted to match and your officially lookin' BAAAD! I had to go with the Red after watching my wife in her black Sequioa...she keeps hers pretty clean...nothing looks better with a shine than black.
BLKJACK- Really? I'm an expert on the 300M and have contacts at the factory that are on the Edmunds board, and we had nothing but trouble with ours. We had a 2000 in Deep Slate with Agate leather, the 17" chrome wheels & matching spare, power sunroof, and the upgraded Infinity stereo. We bought it in October of 2000 and it was great for the first few months, then rattles started to appear. Then, we noticed the transmission shifting poorly and "slipping" which I know know is just a common issue with the M tranny, sometimes known as the "bump shift". From there, our weatherstripping shrunk several times, the rotors warped, the steering wheel melted, the engine developed a few knocks at start-up (also common), more stuff rattled, the lights inside flickered various times, the windshield wipers stopped working correctly, etc. To top it off, we were rear-ended badly almost a year after the day we bought it, and it took them 2 months and $12,000 to fix it. Afterwards, there never was any new issues and it was back to the exact same condition it was in before, but still had the previous problems.

We lived with it for 3 more months until about 2 weeks ago when my mother just started saying "find me something new, like an Avalanche or Trailblazer". It didn't take us long at all to find and buy one we liked, and we're now still in love with our latest purchase. The Avalanche is also so much more refined on the road than a 300M! The M was extremely noisy with a ton of road noise from the garbage Goodyears and the rattles were about to drive us mad. We also had problems with front end vibration and pulling that no one ever did fix. Simply put, we couldn't keep it out of the incompetent 5* garage and are now so happy to have something new.

What about your 300M? Year, colors, options, mods., etc.?

Now, I have to get more Av. pics up! :D
Nice truck, Beach. We also have the black Z71. It may be a task keepin up after it (washin and waxin) but it is certainly fun to putz with! Now you need to start doing the mods - flag bowtie, amber DRLs...

Hey guys! I've uploaded a lot more pics, check them out!:


;DThis morning after church, I came outside and was waiting on the driver's side for the rest of the clan, when I heard 2 older ladies from the other side saying "Hey look! It's an Avalanche!". They were walking all around it and came up to me, with the one asking questions. She said it was going to be her next car and that she currently is the original owner of an '87 Volvo. I told her it sure would be a change but we love ours, and she looked jazzed.

Oh well, just another day in life with an Avalanche! :cool: