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Outlaw Air intake backorder???


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Aug 7, 2006
Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this delay.  I've been waiting for an Outlaw I ordered for over three and a half weeks.  I ordered it from an "un-named ebay" merchant.  He's been telling me his best educated guesses for three weeks now.  Any opions or experiences with this?

Thanks in advance.

T Bone
Thanks for that email.  I sent a message out today.

I appreciate the info.

T Bone
Here is the response to my email.  Sounds resonable enough.  I guess I can wait another couple of weeks.

Thanks for the help.

T Bone

Thank you for your interest in Outlaw Power. I must apologize on behalf of Outlaw Power and your reseller.  We have experienced a problem with our local filter assembler that has resulted in us ending our business relationship with them.  Outlaw Power is backordered on the filters to fulfill GM intake orders because of this problem.  Until recently, we were being told that the product was being assembled, however their sales department was being far from truthful (for the first time in our 3-year relationship).  This resulted in us passing information from our once credible source to our resellers.  This problem then created a situation where our resellers were reassuring their customers (or we were assuring their customers directly)that the product was backordered for a very short period. Which up until this instance would have been very accurate.

Based on the information that Outlaw Power received from our once-reliable business partners (filter assemblers) of over 3 years, we passed information that was far from correct (but unknown to us).  This is the short version of what happened, the point is that it was not good for anyone within our supply chain.

Outlaw Power is embarrassed to have been put in this sort of situation as well as included others such as our loyal resellers and customers.  Outlaw Power accepts all responsibility for the situation and can assure you that your reseller is both a legitimate and ethical business that has been a victim of circumstance.

The situation has just recently been cleared up but we are another 1-2 weeks from receiving filters. Luckily the company is literally down the street, so the day they are completed, is the day we will ship all backorders.

Just as you assumed you would receive it quickly, we assumed we would receive our filters in a timely manner from our very local supplier.

I can assure you that your order will be expedited the day we have filters to complete the system.  As far as customer service, Outlaw Power has a very strong reputation within all online communities and resellers.

If you have any additional comments or questions feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you and please accept our deepest apologies.
Aaron Morant

It's nice to see them step up like that and actually tell you what the problem is.  While I am sure that you're really anxious to get that intake in and on, it would comfort me to purchase a product from a company like that.
Just an update,  I still don't have my intake.  No response from anybody in weeks.

I received a gift certificate for one at MCM. Quick response from Aaorn and sent him my info. Have not heard anything other than confirmation that he received my info. Just sent another email asking if order is on the way. Hopefully it will be here soon
I can't seem to get Aaron or Oside (distributor / ebay seller "pyrobuddah") to even answer my emails.  I want to cancel my order, but I think I'm gonna get hosed here.  A word of caution, if purchasing an Outlaw or anything from Oside Technologies (ebay seller as listed above), I ordered mine on March 23.  I haven't even been able to get a response from anyone in over three weeks.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Tony / T Bone

I just called Outlaw after reading your post.  It rang several times and I could tell it rolled over.  Aaron answered the phone.  According to what he told me, he said that the filter elements themselves were on backorder from their supplier.  Those filters are expected in next week.  They expect to catch up by the following week on the existing orders.

Fyi.....They had a filter element supplier problem when I bought mine earlier this year as well.  Mine was slow in coming but it finally did.  I actually called and talked to Outlaw (probably Aaron) back then and confirmed he had my order in hand.....which they did confirm.  So my peace of mind made the wait easier on the man in brown from that point.

Make sure when you are calling Ca. that you are calling inside their work hours.

Thanks Tom,

That's the same story I got from Aaron weeks ago (Early April), and have sent him at least six emails, with no response.  I will take your advice and call as soon as possible.

To all you other guys, "buyer beware" if you are looking at an Outlaw intake.

Thanks again,

T Bone
My first email was responded to quickly. I have not yet heard back from my second email asking for an inquiry as to the status of my order.
Well here is the lastest from Outlaw....

I guess I'll wait a little longer

You are definitely going to receive the product.  I received our first
article part from our new manufacturer yesterday. We made the approval and
they are working on them right now. I am waiting for a lead-time for the GM
specific filters, which I should receive today. When I know the expected
arrival, I can give you a date to expect it. This problem is unfortunate but
we have worked as fast as possible to fix it. Changing suppliers for a
custom part is not as simple as many would think, especially regarding the
time factor. I am expecting to hear that we will receive filters next week,
because they know that we are in a crunch.

I take great pride in personally responding to every email and message
received. In most cases, I receive the email but my response is not received
(probably because of spam filters). We respond usually within 24 hours with
the exception of emails over the weekend.  Regardless of the response time,
I can guarantee that we respond to every email.  I could not call you
yesterday because I couldn't hear the area code from which you called.

We will be back to normal with our operation in a matter of weeks and
appreciate those that have been patient enough to work with us through this
situation.  I can assure you that our customer service is top notch and that
goes for current and future Outlaw Power customers.  If you ever have a
performance related question, feel free to give us a call.  We have
performed thousands of dyno runs, dyno tuning, and product testing for
multiple products and we consider ourselves as a performance company not
just an intake company.  Many of those who have talked to us in person can
attest to this as well.

I am genuinely sorry for the inconvenience and promise that you will receive
the product.

Thank you,
Aaron Morant
Outlaw Power
Good to hear :wave:

Edit:  I also received a similar email today. Would be nice to have, but I'd rather wait a while longer for a better product than to rush into something that is inferior to the set standard.
Here's the reply from Oside (ebay pyrobuddah),

Waaaaaaaaa! I'm too busy to run my business.....

Waaaaaaaaa! I'm not too busy to spend you money though.....

Ok.  I will give you a refund.  They did not ship yet.
I understand the communication is entirely my fault, but a little
understanding would have been appreciated also.  There are people who
have been much more patient than yourself, and they have and still are
receiving the promised product.  I am not responsible for the delay
and I am also not responsible for receiving over 1300 emails (that was
just this last week) because of people upset like yourself.  I have
done everything I can to keep up, but with only one person working and
loosing thousands of dollars because of a manufacturers delay, I also
am a bit disgruntled.  I have not taken out my aggression on my
customers because I understand why they are upset.  I do wish the same
courtesy was extended my way.

Anyway, the refund is in my control so I will process it right away.
If shipping the intakes were under my same control you would have
received it a long time ago.


By the way my refund has still not posted to my paypal account (as of Thurs 10am.)

T Bone
Here is my email reply to Pyrobuddah (or Oside Technologies)

So here it is Thurs. morning.? You say you will "process it right away" for a refund, but no paypal refund to my account as of 9:46 EST.? So again we'll go back and forth with the emails.? If you could just get rid of me, won't your life be easier?? There will be at least five less emails per day to respond to.? A little understanding is maybe expected when you reply to emails after 30 days.? No reason for me to understand your situation when you won't even reply to me.? Here's the transaction from my side:

I pay you $200.
You accept it.
Two days later I email you saying when will the "available" (as stated on ebay) would ship.
Three days after that you say OH its backordered, a couple more days.
Over a week later I email you.
No response.
Another email.
no response.
I email manufacturer.
They respond.? No problem I'll wait.
One month later, still no response from you.
I email you again.
No response.
I ask for a refund.
No response.
I ask again.
No response.
I threaten negative feedback.
No response.
I ask for a refund.
You answer with a "you're product is shipped, I think" last Friday May 18th (59 days after I ordered).
I ask for a tracking number or refund by the end of that day.
You reply (after more email, not responded to) May 23, with you'll get a refund now.
Next day, still no refund.
So I write this crazy long a** email again.


When will it end.? Refund my money at paypal and I'll shut up. I'll go away.? Your business model will never work if all of your transactions are like mine.

Refund my money.

Let's see how long it takes for you to respond to this email 9:57 am EST on May 24, 2007.

Ready, Set, Go,? the clock is ticking.
24 hours and 21 minutes still no reply from my nightmare.  I just wanna go fast waaaaaaaaa........

T Bone
:B:How much better is the OUTLAW than the AIRAID?


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Please do yourselves (and me) a favor and don't buy from this idiot....

Here's his latest reply to my March 20, 2007 order.

"I went to refund your money and because the dispute was opened then closed (or for some other reason) it was going to charge me the fees instead of just allowing me to return your money. I usually am the type of person who will go out of my way to please a customer, but I have never in my life been treated like this in return. Not to mention the ebay fees etc. Especially when I am trying to help.

I think I will just have your intake shipped after all. I don't really feel like loosing money on your behalf at this point. Especially since the delay had absolutely nothing to do with me."

The dispute was closed by Paypal becuase they have a 45 day limit.
He's usually willing to go out of his way...He doesn't even answer emails for over a week (not going out of your way in my book).
He's never been treated this way in his life...This from a guy who has only ever gotten emails saying "give me my intake or my money you've been spending for over 70 days" (thin skin huh?).
He doesn't want to do me a favor and return my money... sort of sounds like false advertising or fraud or something, since he still has an auction on ebay for "5 available" intakes.  Meanwhile he does nothing ecept make a profit and a phone call.

Please help a brother out and don't buy anything from this bum.  Make him see your power on this forum.  A sort of a reverse group "not-buy". 

If for no other reason than you'll get stuck.  Check his feedback, I'm not the only rube he's burning.

sorry for the rant.

T Bone
Make complaints to ebay, he can lose his ability to sell there, that'll hurt him even worse.

Remind him of that.  Cutting you a CHECK will cost him 41 cents to mail it.
no kidding.  I tried the ebay route.  But they have a 60 day limit.  And now he doesn't have anything (of value) listed anyway.

Thanks for the advise though.

T Bone
Also, how did you pay with Paypal, did you use a credit card?  Contest the charges that way if you did, it'll go in your favor.

If you get ebay investigating him for sales practices of accepting money and not shipping product, the 60 day thing isn't at issue.  He's showing a pattern of it at the moment, so pursue it.
Well my intake shipped and I'm supposed to see it on Friday.  All this info comes from Aaron at Outlaw, still no response from Oside or  "Pyrobuddah".  I'll keep you posted.  I hope I love this thing cuz it's taken a couple of years off my life in stress factor.

Thanks for all you help and support.

T Bone