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Outside Temp Sensor Location?


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Mar 3, 2002
Las Vegas, NV
Hi - just wondering if anyone knows where the outside temp sensor (read-out on the rearview mirror) gets its data from? On another vehicle I owned the sensor was near the radiator and was not very accurate unless the truck was moving. On my Corvette, the outside temp reading stays frozen untill you have traveled one mile at greater than 40 mph. Just thought I'd ask about the Avalanche's outside temp readout - seems pretty accurate so far.
Cheers, Carnac
If it's anyting like the Silverado, it's right in the middle of the grill in front of the radiator. I would imagine they put them in the same place.
I remember a thread on here about where it is and that for some reason it could be moved to the other side for some reason.

Getting old ruins my memory I believe I have somehiemers and in a few years manyheimers until I get Alzheimers! LOL
Is CRS ( Can't Remember Sh.. ) a precursor to someheimerz? ??? It's probably a good thing that the Av didn't have the numeric keyless entry that I thought was so neat on the Excursion!