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Oxidized or cloudy bug deflector


Full Member
Mar 25, 2007
St. Charles, MO.
What is the best way to make my bug deflector look (shinny) new again?  It has several bug stains on it and it looks cloudy.

Thanks, Fowlhunter
I think any plastic can be buffed with a polishing wheel.......
WAX & Cleaner Wax etc..

treat it like paint.

Maybe wet sand with 2000 grit... then compound etc etc
What brand do you have?  I am on my second Lund.  They are pieces of junk.  The first time the bug shield turned cloudy it was my fault.  I used Invisible Glass Cleaner and the directions say not to use on plastic.  My rag would turn yellow when I wiped the shield.  I bought a new one and the truck accessory place said to use nothing but wax, particulary anything with carnuba.  I used Mother's wax in which he said would be fine, and now I have the same problem as before, yellowing on the rag.  He told me that when I used the glass cleaner on the first one, the chemical took out the moisture in the shield that is why it yellowed.
Not sure of the brand?  I installed it when I purchased my AV in 03.  I've tried bug & tar remover, wax, nothing seems to work.  May have to try what Z66 BUTCH and ygmn sugested.  I use Mother's wax on the truck.  I need to either get it cleaned or purchase a new one, it looks like sh_t. 

Thanks Man.