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Paint Smudges - How Do I Remove Them?


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May 28, 2002
my Av recently was hit by a whitle "painted bottle" My wife was driving and this is in her words. Something flew out of the truck in front of her and hit the side of the Av. When I got home, I noticed white paint smudges.... NO!!!! How do I wipe them off?
Presuming that this is something on the paint, my guess is that your favorite cleaner / wax will do the job. Start gently, concentrate the pressure on the smudge and not on surrounding paint, and I'll bet that the smudge will slowly go away.

I'd be wary of using any solvent stronger than a commercial 'tar and bug' remover.

Good luck!
thanks, I hope it works. It is on the paint and it comprises of approx. 30 sq. in. total. I didn't want to do anything until you guys said something... Thanks again.
A mild polish or cleaner may remove the smudge. If this does not remove it, see if your dealer or other reputable bodyshop will power polish that area. (Depending on the age of your vehicle, you may need the entire vehicle done or otherwise it will look odd having that one location polished.) A power polish is not the preferred solution but it is sometimes the only one left. It should definitely remove it though. I had a similar problem with my Lumina when I got someone's door in mine and it left a green smudge.

Good luck!
Depends on the paint.....if big spot...try first a paint cleaner...as the solvents may soften it up and dissolve it...

other cures:

Clay bar.
Prepsol body shop paint prep cleaner
Laquer paint thinner

all of the above should be tested in a hidden location ...try under the hood for this or a door jam........The sooner you work on it the better.

If on the cladding really test what ever you use.....

Maybe a pic or more detail would help..
It worked!!! The bug remover worked!!! The truck look new all over again. It took some elbow grease, but it gone. Thanks all of you for your suggestions.