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Painting Plastic


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Aug 29, 2007
:help: :help: Im looking to paint the plastic on my 03 avy front back bumper and the back and top side can anyone give me any advice cause everyone I take it to acts as if it cant be done without chipping.
Best bet is to have it done professionally.  Several members here have. The key is in the prep. LOTS of sanding. Then adhesion promoter, flex agent and paint.
what he said

rock hits paint , paint chips. So what! paint it again...... pealing and flakeing is the real prob

P.S.  Epoxie primer is the best adhesion promoter on cladding!

No advice other than have someone professional do it. But I can give you something to look at.


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Mine was one of the very early ones to be painted. About 5 years now. Paint looks better than the factory paint... but all of the instructions provided above applied.
Mine are done by me, it's lots of work and no guarantee.

I'm putting it on this weekend, and see if it last the winter in Michigan then I think it will be ok

It's lots of work

PS I have not wet sanded it yet


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Thanks it was allot of work, my concern was the expansion and contraction cracking the paint
In Calgary we have a weird weather pattern called a Chinook. It can go from -15 to +15 in less than 24 hours. In your degrees that would be about 60 to 0, or 0 to 60 whichever you prefer.
And we have winter days of more than -30... which is about the same in either system.... -40 is where they match up.
I'm right smack in the middle of painting mine. The key is to use the proper Plastic adhesive promoter. TPO is a hard plastic to get paint to stick to, but if you follow the right steps, as you can see from above, then it works fine. By the way I am in no way a professional painter, in fact this is the first vehicle I've ever painted. I must say it's quite a job, but doable. I started out sanding the plastic smooth. MISTAKE! It is a waste of time, a good filling primer saves a whole lot of work. Like I said I'm in the middle of painting mine right now all I have is the promoter, primer, and the sealer on. I must say I'm very confident in how it will look. I will post some pics when the whole job is finished. So if you want to save on some cash, (not to mention the satisfaction of doing it yourself) then i say try it yourself. So far I have about $600 wrapped up in the paint. If you don't have the equipment to spray, you might look into these guys....http://www.alsacorp.com/killercans.htm  They're expensive but they have some nice products. I'm using crystal fx, and killer chrome on my plastic.
You are right about the filler primer, like you I just finish my upper cladding I put the saddle bags cover on then started the sail panels and realized that you can not remove the sail panel without breaking the clips , then I found out I could only find 6 locally

Project on hold :E: :E: :E: :E: :E:

I'll take a look