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Parting is such sweet sorrow...


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May 26, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Sadly, the time has come and our trip to NC is over.  We had the best time ever at Hugz place last Saturday; it will be hard to top that one.  A warmer welcome we couldn't have imagined.  We made many new friends and we miss you all already. 

The car is mostly loaded, and early tomorrow we'll head north.  Leaving sunny 80's behind for cloudy 50's and melting snow.  Yuck.

We'll have to miss the April Thong GTG; we just can't take the time off from work.  We hope to be back in May, but it could be June, as our daughter's 20th falls during the May week we would come down. 

I don't know what else to say...  it gets harder and harder to leave each time, and now after meeting everyone, it's worse.

Much :love: to the whole NC crew, 'til the next time!

Jeff & Paula
We will miss you all as well..  Come back soon

Hugz and BBD
We made it home safely...  Quick trip this time, less than 11 hours. 

Cold and muddy here.  All the snow we left behind last week is melting and it sucks. 

Keep a light on for us... 

Glad you all made it..  Light is always one and door is always open..

Glad you made it home safely, look forward to seeing you guys again soon!!!