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Passive Fresh Air Intake Too Cold


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May 11, 2002
Where the heck is the fresh air intake at?

It just turned cold here and my feet are freezing.

I had my previous vehicle for 12 years. While it had passive fresh air intake, my AV feels like it has a 1 ft. hole.

I would like to block it by about 1/2 or 3/4.

Does anyone know where the intake in the engine compatment located?
are you talking about the air that comes in when your driving....... if so that is easy.... just hit the re-circulate button on your ac.... even if your ac is not on.... it will block the outside wind from coming threw your vents....
I have a 01 Suburban, which I presume has the same fresh air intake setup, and I live in SD where it gets cold. The opening, and it is quite large, can be seen behind the glove compartment and you can get at it by laying the compartment all the way down.(After opening the regular distance, pinch the sides in to get by the stops and it will hang straight down.) I covered part of the opening so that it would not allow as much fresh air in, otherwise it was uncomfortably cold on the feet of the person on the passenger side.(wife) Pushing the recirculation button helps temporarily but if the outside temp is below approx. 40 degrees it automatically switches back to outside air after about 8 minutes.(that's in the owners manual). This is when operating in the auto mode. If it is really cold I normally just run in the manual mode at a higher heat level with the air directed toward the floor and it seems to help. I haven't received my 03 Avalanche that I ordered so I am not sure if it is exactly the same setup, but if it is I will do the same thing to that. Hope this helps. I don't think the heater design team spent a lot of time in real cold weather.
Both answers fit my situation. Glad to know about the recirc option.

Thanks for the location of the vent. I am going to block it partially. I hate the cold and the dust.
mine did the same thing on a hunting trip to Medora this year.. cold air, and tons of dust in the cabin... recirculate causes the windows to fog, so I'll have to block the intake on my 03 when it gets here...
What kind of climate control do you have? I have the electronic climate control, I set mine to outside air and set the temp to 74 or higher. The fan controls the amount of air that comes out the vents. If you turn the position switch to your feet the outside air should shut off and the recir light up.
Then you should be able to set the temp where its most comfortable.