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PCV Valve Location On 5.3

PCV valves are being changed mostly because of oil comsuption. If this is your problem, take it your local Chevy Service Dept and they will change it out for free. There is a bullentin some where on this problem.
I haven't looked, but there ought to be a vacuum hose probably 3/8" or so going to it. Follow the hoses going to the valve covers. Sometimes they're mounted inside a rubber grommet on the valve cover. Either way, they will have a hose that draws vacuum from the manifold so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Hope this helps a little. I'd go outside and look, but it's raining and I don't feel like going out to the garage. :rolleyes:

Good Morning. Last week, I was grazing through the topics in these forums and I ran across several that talked about excessive oil consumption due to bad PCV valves. As luck would have it, I was driving to work the very next day and "bingo", my oil level warning light flashes.
Can someone tell me..."is the PCV valve located in the usual place on top of the valve cover"? I just want to be sure before I start poking around in there.


The PCV Valve is on the driver's side of the engine, but I think it goes directly in the head, not the valve cover - don't remember exactly. The tricky part is that the PCV hose has a foam-rubber cover over it so it is about double the diameter of the hose that you would expect to find.
Thanks Alex. I found it. Interesting...I called Colonial Chevrolet here in Acton, MA to set up an appointment for an alignment. I mentioned the oil level issue and the service manager was all over it. He told me about the TSB and that they would take care of it with no problem. He said they're replacing the floating valve style PCV valve with a "fixed orafice style" valve. He said merely replacing the current one with an aftermarket floating valve style may not fix the issue.
I've been rebuilding chevy engines for many years, so I didn't "just fall off the turnip truck" when discussions like this take place. Although I'm also a believer that when you have a warranty, use it. I've had great luck with this service group. They've never tried to sell me a "story"...

We'll see....

Stupid Question:

Where is the PCV? I have looked and I cant locate it. I tried to use the search feature for PCV, but it returns no results. (I dont believe it).

Any help is appreciated. A picture would be great!!