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Anyone ever have the experience or know someone else that has gotten an auto loan through this online company?

So far the main thing I've heard is the great customer service. The few calls I made today to them confirm that.... the people seem to be exceptionally nice. ;D

But I guess I'm curious just how much will they work with you, or how hungry are they for loans, and problems or hell anything anyone with experience can say about them..

I'd really really like to know. ???
KnightHawk....I've applied and received a loan from them twice. The first time, I didn't use the check because a lender the dealer used beat the rate by .5 point and there were other incentives to use the dealer. The second time I applied I didn't use them because I found the AV at 0%. Generally, I've found Peoplefirst.com to be about .5 - 1.5% below most bank rates. I believe they advertise they will meet any legitimate rate. They are super-easy to deal with. Just my .02 worth.
Good luck with the AV purchase!