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Perch Frest this weekend


Full Member
Mar 15, 2004
Hi everybody hope everyone well saw this for this weekend anyone interested i will be going up Saturday,
Hi there.  :wave:
Glad to see you posting.

Hmmm, not sure I will make it to this.
Toots does not like fish.

Rain is forecast for Saturday, I hope that doesn't ruin your day.
egadd said:
were is the rib fest going to be.


Cuyahoga falls, OH. about 10 minutes north of Akron, Oh.    Going on all weekend. Starts Friday @ 5pm.
There was some talk at the Buzzards GTG about doing PerchFest this year.
I was afraid it might conflict with TruckFest at Summit Racing, but it does not.

PerchFest is Sep 5-8 2008 (TruckFest is Sep 13.)  (y)

If there is interest we can start a new thread for this year.

Cut, copy, and pasted my normal answer.  LOL

We'll put it down and see how it goes. Vtwincowboy says it's a lot of fun.