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Pics Of '03 Charcoal Interior W/ Bench??


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
Would anyone happen to have pics of an '03 with the cloth, bench seat interior, preferably in charcoal? I think I've seen it in tan, but I'd like to see pics of either to look at the look & changes.

I just sent you and email of my bench seats. I have no ideal how to put them on this page.


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I got it !!! was easy one more coming.


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When you fold down the center arm rest, it there a nice sized storage area inside of it?
Yes it is kinda big but not too deep I would love it to be deeper.
Kim do you have?pictures of yours? I would love to see it.
Here is the back of my AV.


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Annette said:
Kim do you have?pictures of yours? I would love to see it.

Not yet Annette but I will work on getting some. I don't have access to a digital camera til sunday.

WOW, even the back has changed....I have a plain ol' bench in the back as well...will have to get pics...


Thanks Kim, I am looking forward to seeing those pictures.
Here's a couple of silly questions...

Are the "bucket" seats attached to the middle front seat or are they all separately attached to the floor? (I'm wondering if the middle front seat can replace the center console for 02 models w/o the bench seat)


It isn't attached at all to the front seats. It looks like it could be removed real easy. I took a really good look at it and it really is bucket seats. Why do they call it bench seats? Maybe because it has a seat belt for the center seat.
Does anyone have any pictures of the seats in their AV? Doesn't ?matter if bucket of bench seats. I love pictures keep them coming.
Here's one of Sport Leather in an '03. ?Enjoy.


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What's so different between the '02 and '03 pics? I've looked at them back to back, again and again for the past ten minutes, and there is nothing different other than the lack of lumbar adjustment knobs, and the fact that the back seat no has a mounded area on top plus a new center lap belt. Other than that, nothing new.

I have another question. The first Av we drove was a SOM '02 Z71 with graphite bench seats, and the cloth material was very soft, plush, and comfortable. Our Z66 however, has buckets and therefore a different cloth that is tighter and thinner, but does not look or feel like it will wear nearly as much as the "fuzzy" stuff with the benches. I've seen pics of a few used '00 Tahoes with the same benches and fuzzy cloth, and you could clearly see where the cloth had worn, loosing its plushness in certain areas.

Has this been the case with most of you that have had the benches for a while? A year later, there's barely even any dust on our '02 buckets, let alone any wear. The plush, velvet-like stuff with the benches doesn't look like it would be the same way after daily use over time.