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Pinnacle Protection Plan Through GM


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Jul 28, 2002
Western NY
What are your thoughts about this protection plan, over and above the bumper to bumper warranty? Is it a good deal? I'm on the road about 18k/yr. I was offered a 48mo/85,000mi. for $1195, or 60/100,000 for $1275. I pick up my new Av in 2 days, and value your opinions.
I don't think it's a good deal. I know this website call the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America at http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com, well anyway I know the guy that runs the site, and I heard that there was going to be some great pricing soon on extended warranties, to club members only from Warranty Gold.

Anyway, that's what I heard...

OK - our new partner page for Warranty Gold is up (that was quick). I based my quote for you out of Albany as I don't know where in upstate New York you are.

A 60/100 warranty for a V-8 4WD Avalanche that is brand new with the factory warranty is $1,054. Seems a hair better than what the dealer is quoting.

Oh ya - and did I tell you the profits help keep the site running? Click on the store button above and then go to the Partners Page. You'll find Warranty Gold in the left column.
DVD Remember u can always get it after u purchase ur AV. Looks like Chief has something in the works I would wait if I were u................Chief u got a ETA on this?

WOW Chief ur fast..I had to edit this
Is this Warranty Gold a good aftermarket warranty company? I'd just hate to drop that kind of money and then it not cover anything. Is that quote you gave Chief for the platinum or the diamond coverage?
Chief is right ... he beat me to it but I am getting warranty gold for my AV they have all type of programs. And forguys like Flyinhigh I hear that dont care about ift kits at least thats what they told me:)
Great! Thanks, glad I asked. I am in the Buffalo, Rochester area... same as Albany. I will look, but do Mods interfere with the warranty?
i spoke to the warrany gold people last week before the club deal ever came about. I got the 5 year 150k diamond warranty. you can bring the vehcle to whomever you wiish to repair it as long as they are ase certified. so for instance regarding a lift they told me that a 4" and under that it doent affect the waranty at all. but that could ahve just been a sales pitch BUT if they arent told about a mod that may have been the cause then they will pay.
they cover up to 25000.00 in repairs to a vehicle in a contract period.