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Pinstripe My AV! (D/FW Area)


SM 2003
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Aug 17, 2002
Grand Prairie, TX
Ok, I did a search before I started the topic, I only found pinstriping on the cladding, and I am wanting to pinstripe my AV from one headlight ALL the way around the back to the other headlight.

My question, for the D/FW crew, is does anyone have a place they would suggest getting it done in the Arlington area? I want a good job done and I definitely don't want to do it myself.

Any advice helps! ;D
irontrain, I have some checkered flag print pinstriping on the way from eBay and wanted to know a reputable place that I know would do a good job, got to get it done before the cruise in December so I can roll in style ;)

I don't trust myself to do it at home, I'm too anal retentive, I'd keep yanking it off if it wasn't just right, hehe. ;D
Send Dave02Z66 a PM and see if he can do it for you. I noticed that he had pin strips on his Av. I am sure he can do this for you cheaper than anyone else in Arlington.
I had mine striped by a guy that does mostly motorcycle tanks. There is probably someone in your area like that. Have him paint the tailgate letters too. I had mine done to match the cladding and it came out great...