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Plans for OnStar switch?


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Sep 1, 2004
Noblesville, Indiana
Hey All I just read about the Onstar ending for those of us with analog units.  I have a 2002 Avalanche and was actually kinda indifferent to the whole thing, never really used it when I had it and cancelled about 3 months into my second year of service.  I have been planning on putting together a sound system for hte truck soon and this will actually save me some money by not having to by the module to keep OnStar working. 

I was just wondering though if anyone had any plans for the buttons or if they are even usuable for anything else.  I thought I had read a thread awhile ago about someone using them for another mod but I cannot seem to find that thread,might be a side effect of being tired and the sleeping aid kicking in.  I am thinking about, if able to, using one of the buttons as a cutoff switch for the remote line to an amp.  Maybe another one for some lights.

Like i said just kinda wanting to see what others had planned.
don't remember reading about anyone using the onstar button, but I remember reading about them using the door opener buttons
Has anyone thought of going to a repo yard and getting an 03 onstar unit and then having gm installing update in your 02 using the 03 unit.
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I was thinking it would be pretty cool to wire some train horns to the onstar button...