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Poll: DRL's

What is your opinion of GM's (and others') DRLs?

  • They're useful

    Votes: 78 98.7%
  • They're useless

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Don't really care

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Like 'em because it's easier to identify Avs!

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


SM 2003
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Jun 11, 2002
Littleton, CO
I just want to know what you all think of DRLs and if you find them useful.

I personally like DRLs. When I'm riding my bike (I'm only 15 ;)), I need to look in all directions when I cross an intersection. And if I get hit, well, it would be ugly ;D. So DRLs make life much easier for me because they stand out. It's much harder to see a car without them.
Now it's time to install the ambers that Blueruck gave me on our AV!

Tell me your opinions/stories about DRLs :).
I do believe through the use of the DRL concept, many lives have been saved as a result of better vision with regards to oncoming trafic. However, There are 2 classes of DRLs: cars/trucks that use the hi-beams at lower power and cars/trucks that use a separate bulb. I find it very annoying to have a car/truck behind me and their brights are on via DRL mode. However, when another GM pickup is behind me, I don't mind since it is just a light bulb and not the brights.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish all cars/trucks had DRLs but had separate bulbs/assemblies for them.

I am the "other" vote. I think they are useless (NHTSA data notwithstanding) but I consider them to be a pre-wired location for my electric blue lights (matchin my Idigo Blue Av, of course ;) ) although I am sure that these will get me a ticket someday (but still worth it - looking cool has its price).
I like 'em, especially in amber, especially the way that they are implemented on the Av.

Older style DRL's - regular headlights on low voltage :D:

Other Av style DRL's - OK - I do think that it makes vehicles somewhat more visable.
I think they're a good safety feature, but look ugly if you keep the stock bulbs in. I love the amber ones though. I think they look awesome combined with some of the other front-end mods.
I like em 'cause they lower the insurance rates on my truck! >:D
I think they are an effective safety feature. ?:) I think it's great that newer DRLs are independent lights not like my former '96 S-10. ?They were linked to my highbeams(low voltage). ?It always looked like my battery was dying. ? :6:

Truckman :B:
I didn't think much of there looks until I put in the ambers. Now I think they're great. ;D
DRLs look way better on AVs than the older ones. Full-time headlights? I don't think so. Make the DRLs amber. It's better to identify CAFCNA members!
DRLs look way better on AVs than the older ones. Full-time headlights? I don't think so. Make the DRLs amber. It's better to identify CAFCNA members!

I agree! I believe that Identifying one another thru this source is a great way.

I think it just looks more mean looking machine.

i loved it especially if you have it set up to come on night DRL's.

both of them on, so bad, look out planetav coming thru! >:D
good for safety up here in AK.
Awsome in Amber >:D
Bodicious in Blue
Rightous in Red
Perfect in Purple
Great in Green
Yuck in Yellow
Crap in clear

Was indifferent 'bout drl's until I got my AV and replace stock with amber (which looks cool). Now I take notice. Independent bulbs are the way to go.
I guess that I'm of the opposite opinion. I HATE :8: them. I'm an adult who spent over 30K for the vehicle. I should be the one to control the lights on my vehicle. NOT a car company. Mercedes-Benz does not believe in them.
I guess in today's world, it's much easier to try to create an idiot-proof a vehicle than to educate drivers. :8:
Thanks for letting my vent :mad:
Durwin (DRL-Less and Loving It)
i think the drls give gm cars and trucks just that added touch of style that keeps gm ahead.

DRL are good that they make your vehicle stand out more.

So does driving around with your horn blaring....

DRLs are supposed to make your vehicle easier to see.
Underbody lights do too.

But alas, one of the above are considered to be DISTRACTING and illegal. WHY?
I think it's just a matter of time until they are standard on all vehicles, you won't be able to buy one without them. :rolleyes:
I suppose I will just have to dig into the owners manual on this one too.

Most of the time I love the DRLs. There are times (mostly when hunting) where I would like to sit, parked with the engine one and no lights or just the parking lights on.

Motorcycles have their lights on to make them more noticeable. After all vehicles have DRLs then we're back to where we were for MC, they'll blend right in again. ???