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Pontiac 2004 Grand Prix


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
The GTP is one of my favorite GM sedans!

GM's "Excitement" division has unveiled the ninth generation of its midsize performance sedan - the 2004 Grand Prix. The all-new Grand Prix will be built at GM's Oshawa, Ontario, assembly plant, with production beginning in the first quarter of 2003.
For 2004, Grand Prix customers can choose from the GT, GTP and GTP with the Competition Group package. The base model SE has been eliminated. The all-new Competition Group (or Comp G) option available on GTP provides maximum grip, the sharpest possible steering response and peak road holding with a firm, yet supple ride. This suspension also produces less body roll and better bounce control through road swells.

The 2004 model is powered by the 3800 Supercharged V6. The base GT model achieves 200 hp, and the GTP model up to 250 hp (at press time), with a best-in-class 280 lb-ft of torque. A more efficient fifth-generation Eaton supercharger boosts horsepower by 10 horses over the previous model.

The 2004 model is packed with the most comprehensive safety system in its history. Numerous crash avoidance features include StabiliTrak Plus on the GTP with Comp-G; standard traction control and ABS; larger, more effective brakes; and a tire inflation monitoring system. Advanced occupant protection features include dual-stage air bags, optional head curtain side air bags and front-seat safety belt pretensioners and force limiters. An aluminum engine cradle and cross-car beam improve the body structure.

GTP with Competition Group Package: For those truly serious drivingenthusiasts (to whom about 10 percent of Grand Prixs are sold),the all-new Competition Group (or Comp G) option available on GTPprovides maximum grip, the sharpest possible steering responseandpeak road holding with a firm, yet supple ride. This suspensionalso produces less body roll and better bounce control through road swells. With specific chassis tuning and high-performance17-inchracing wheels and tires rated to 142 mph, the package delivers.83lateral g's - and is designed for best-in-class handling performance for a front-wheel drive car.

The Competition Group package also includes StabiliTrak Plus, a segment-exclusive feature. Stabilitrak Plus expands cornering stability during highperformance maneuvers and adverse conditions. This four-channel vehicle stability system not only keeps the vehicle tracking thedriver's intended path, but also maximizes handling incorners

- insert drooling here -

That will be a huge seller. Can't wait to see some pictures. I have seen prototypes in Motor Trend so hopefully it will resemble the Holden series.

Like Jamie..I also seen the article and looked over it...that thing is serious!.. :B:
I wonder If I could talk the wife into getting one of these Comnp G models for herslef >:D
We had the big release in the plant last week! they gave us duffle bags and posters.If you would like i could try to take a pic of the poster for you.. :)
:eek: :eek: :eek:

SWEEEEEETTTT!!! I love the new look! (y)

What do yout hink the odds are of them giving me one as part of some research thing?

I know I know I am reaching(begging) for it. ;D