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Portland Boat Show Tags


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
There were a bunch of AVs at the Portland Boat Show out at the Expo Center this past Sunday! We tagged 13 AVs that morning alone. As soon as I walked back out of the boat show, I scanned the parking lot looking for AVs. Spotted the first 4 parked right up front and had a feeling that there would be others out in the crowd. It was a little embarassing since our was the only dirty one (from the club run the day before). I hope that they check out the brochures and come visit the site. It would be great to have all of them come along on some meets and club runs.

We jotted down some info on those we tagged:

(1) '02 2500 4x4 White - lifted
(1) '02 1500 Z71 Green
(1) '02 1500 North Face
(3) '02 1500 Z71 Black
(2) '02 1500 Z71 Pewter
(1) '02 1500 Z66 Black
(2) '02 2500 4x4 Black
(1) '02 2500 4x4 White
(1) '03 1500 Z71 Black

Did we tag yours with a brochure?
Big boats need big trucks? For those not familar with the Portland Expo Center parking, it is like about the same size as a parking lot for an average mall. They have over 15 football fields worth of boats (all indoors) this year. So it took a while driving up and down each and every isle.