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Possibly buying used 2002 Avalanche, opinons please


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Jul 28, 2007
Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a high mile 2002 North Face Edition Avalanche. ??It has 130K or so and I am going to try to get it for $9000. ??I have a 2000 Z28 and have had F-Bodies for the last 16 years. ??the Z28 in the snow here in Ohio gets rough. ??I am a firefighter so getting to work is a must so I thought it was time to get a 4X4 truck. ??I have always liked Avalanches so I might do it. ??I saw it on the internet and it is out of town. ??It apparently has a 150 pt inspection and I would get a carfax. ??I am going to call tommorrow and talk to them about it. ?? It may seem like high miles but I still have the Z28 and the truck would not be an eveyday vehicle till I sell the Z28 next spring. ??What issues do Avalanches have with this many miles? ??Engine and transmission reliability are the main areas of concerns with me. ??My LS1 in my Z28 is at 118K and it has been solid for 7 years. ??Can I expect the same out of the Vortech?? If the engine has issues can a later model Vortec or Escalade engine be swapped?? Is $9000 for a 130K example a good deal in a truck sense?? Any help or opinions would be welcome. ??Thanks: Steve

I'm the original owner of an '02 with 103K miles and have absolutely loved this truck. My prior truck was an S-10 with over 100K too, so I drive 'em as long as I can.

I've had no problems with the AV and have only done routine maint. and replacements. The Vortecs in these trucks are enginered to not need their first tune up until 100,000 miles. The only issue I've had was that I had to replace the Electronic Brake Control Module recently, but did it myself (with the help of this site) with a rebuilt module from Module Master for $200 versus over $1000 for a new one.

Obviously a lot depends on the life your particular truck has had and how hard it was driven combined with how it was maintained, but for a reliable, high mileage truck, I don't think you could do much better.

As as point of comparison, my in laws have an '01 F-150 with much fewer miles, but the Av runs better and feels newer.

Good luck and let us know how it works out. If you do get it, come back and join the club.

With proper care and maintenance, and not living an abused life, the mileage shouldn't be a huge issue.

Heck, I'm over 95K on my '03 with only an AC compressor as the only mechanical issue of note.
Sounds like a good deal to me, at 103,000 everything that's going to happen has happened. These AVY are truck's and can take hi miles if you don't abuse them.

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